back to article Action day targets callous conmen

International organisations have teamed up to run a day of action against fraud on Tuesday 1 June. Brits lose an estimated £3.5bn a year to mass mailing frauds, according to the organisers. Organisations from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands are involved. Mass market scams take many forms including fake …


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  1. Seareach

    They deserve all they get

    Frauds like the Nigerian 419 scam are invitations to wittingly commit crime.

    Boilerhouse share touts prey on gullibility and greed.

    The victims in most cases deserve no sympathy.

    1. Anonymous John

      No they don't.

      The "traditional" 419 scam does catch a few people who lose large amounts. The vast number of scam victims fall for romance scams, fake lotteries, Craigslist scams, etc. Scams that do not pretend to be illegal activities. In total, far more money is lost to these.

  2. Elmer Phud

    But . . .

    . . .if I got an email saying "Global day of action to beat scammers " I'd bin it immediately.

  3. Anonymous John

    Postal email? Wozzat?

    Intercepting bulk scam snail mail from abroad has been suggested before. But I thought Royal Mail claimed (correctly) that they had a legal obligation to deliver it.

    "City of London Police works hard to highlight that this is not a victimless crime"

    Excuse me? Who has ever suggested that? Not even the newspaper commentards who offer the opinion that anyone who falls for a scam somehow deserves to be cheated,

  4. qwertyuiop

    They deserve to be cheated?

    My wife is a Social Worker in a Community Mental Health Team. One of her current clients takes everything that is said to him at face value, because of his condition. If you tell him that you'll do something in a minute he expects you to take exactly 60 secs, if he receives a letter or an email telling him that he has won a luxury cruise, the lottery, etc. he believes it.

    Clearly he's just greedy eh?

  5. David Pollard

    Bogus health products

    There will be many people who have a complaint that the NHS isn't or hasn't been able to cure and who are open to persuasion to try all manner of bogus therapies. It must often be a bit difficult to decide when claims are sufficiently fraudulent to be open to prosecution.

  6. Mark Graybill

    Scam Victims May Be Ignorant, But...

    the statement, "The victims in most cases deserve no sympathy," shows another sort of ignorance, of the willing variety.

    Potential victims, and those who think they know better with disregard for the victims should educate themselves.

    Here's a place to get started:

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