back to article Sun man and 'Bond nemesis' celebrate 25 years of dotcom

This week's celebration of 25 years of .com promised to be a step above the usual incestuous industry award shows. For one, it was designed to honor the 25 biggest pioneers of the online world – people who in some cases have reached beyond the IT world and entered mainstream awareness – the Internet’s rock gods. There was …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Boo Hoo McNealy

    You screwed up Sun.

    Go cry in the piles of cash you have in the back while your ex employees try to make ends meet after their unemployment runs out.

    1. adrianww
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      @AC 30/05/10, 16:15

      Although there are several (many?) criticisms that can be levelled at McNealy, I think that a larger part of the "screwing up" is probably down to failings on the pony-tailed one's watch. Not to mention the tendency of Wall St financial analysts to take a short-term view and not really understand the tech industry half as well as they would like us to believe.

      Sun was in the unfortunate position of having more than most to lose when the dot com bubble went pop. And they lost it.

      And yes, I did once work there - back in the McNealy days before the bubble burst - and the top man wasn't so bad. Mind you, I'm reserving opinion on the subject of some of the other senior managers in the various divisions...

  2. Ewan

    Thrush & Bond

    Thrush was Man from Uncle surely?

    1. Dave Mundt

      Man from U.N.C.L.E. of course...

      Greetings and Salutations...

      Yes, that little factual mis-step jumped out at me too. However, that is the problem with the youth of today...they have no education in the classics...(*smile*).

      Speaking of which, there is an amusing cop show on American TV called "NCIS", wherein David McCallum plays the medical examiner, and, actually does quite a good job of creating an amusing character that one really cares about. However, my POINT here is that in a recently re-run episode, one of the characters asks another "I wonder what he looked like when he was younger?" The second character replies "Illya Kuryakin", and walks way with this little, smart-a$$ grin on his face. This was an amusing episode too, because it featured a small part for several Corgis...


      Dave Mundt

    2. frank ly

      There is a connection

      James Bond did have some problems with Thrush after his dalliance with the Russian agent Candida Albicans,in a hotel bedroom, so the reference was relevant. After that, he would never order spotted dick for dessert.

  3. h 6
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    Ah, May 26

    May 26, my birthday. :) Afraid i'm a bit older than dotcom, though.

  4. Chris Miller

    Shurely shome mistake

    James Bond's nemesis* = SMERSH

    Napoleon Solo's nemesis = THRUSH

    Sounds like a fun bash, pity my invite got lost in the post.

    * Strictly speaking, not a 'nemesis' either, since they always lost. So it should be: SMERSH's nemesis was James Bond. I know, I should get out more ...

  5. El Limerino
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    No-one from Cisco or BBN?

    No-one from Cisco? Or at least BBN, who pieced together the first ARPANet routers? Not that I have anything against Shawn Fanning et al, but they were way late to the party.

  6. Alan Hargreaves 1

    top 10?

    Actually, Scott did a top 15, not a top 10.

    "It's been a year". Ummm Scott joked about being "sacked 2 days after CIC". That was at the end of January 2010.


  7. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    SPECTRE special executive for counter-intelligence, terrorism, revenge and extortion is the nemesis you are looking for.

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