back to article BP pwned by Twitter pranksters

Oil giant BP suffered further embarrassment on Thursday after its official Twitter account was hacked. Pranksters purloined the @BP_America Twitter account to write "Terry is now in charge of operation Top Kill, work will recommence after we find a XXL wetsuit. #bpcares #oilspill" The message, which was deleted around 30 …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Safety first

    I'm sure BP uses the same vigorous processes for managing passwords as they do for other things :P

  2. yoinkster


    BP don't come under any criticism from me.

    They are trying to stop an oil leak, how many people around the world have experience with doing what they are attempting? Exactly: not many. Leave them to get on with it, the more you pressure them the more likely they are to rush the job and mess it up.

    Last I heard they are covering every bill that comes from it, hardly worthy of harsh criticism is it?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down


      How many people around the world risk such catastrophes without being better prepared?

      Bunch of bloody headless chickens. What this costs them, in cash, is irrelevant.

    2. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      Bit too early to tell..

      1 - Pardon the pun, but this has been a positive fountain of crap, not just of oil. Regulators didn't, questionable quality concrete, shortcuts in safety measures - if you add it all up it would amount to spend the profit of at most 2 days worth of production.

      2 - BP paying it all? Sure, it would be folly to state anything else, but I want to see that happen before I believe it. BTW, if you think *BP* will be paying you're actually wrong anyway. You and I will, every time we fuel up. This will make the oil crisis look like a walk on the park.

      But I must compliment you for the nice attempt. Did thy get you from downstream PR?

  3. Steve 72

    Harsh or not harsh enough?

    Read the paragraph stating "Early investigations..." from this link:

    I can hear the necktie people reciting the rote bs now...

    "Look, we saved 500 grand"

  4. James Woods


    before this goes in a political direction which im sure it will this incident is being used as a ploy to stop all oil drilling here.

    why don't we instead just close bp, all of it. I know they are a multi-national company but im sure the government can work with the other governments to go ahead and put bp on the shelves.

    if they have cost us the worse spill since valdez and there is still no end in sight for it BP should be finished. and whatever other companies that were involved with it.

    Other companies shouldn't be punished for what bp and their people did. anyone involved in causing this disaster should be out of business immediately after this is finally contained and if it's not contained should be in jail.

    or we can just attack the other companies doing their jobs and not having leaks.

    1. Perpetiel

      Maybe get your facts straight?

      Not that I'm a sympathiser with any oil company but this rig was being operated by another company on BP's behalf. BP hired a US contractor (Transocean: Danciger Oil & Refining Company, founded in 1919 in Louisiana, USA) to do their drilling for them. Oil companies do not drill themselves, they hire locals to do it. Who follow local laws and HSE requirements.

      Also, to drill you need to follow local laws. Due to the oil company lobbyists in the US these are not as stringent in the US as in the EU in order to maximise profits.

      It is the whole industry that is at fault. Even more than that we all as consumers are liable and responsible. If there wasn’t this lifestyle to support there wouldn’t be the demand for oil which in the long run isn’t sustainable anyway.

      Americans constitute 5% of the world’s population but consume 24% of the world’s energy.

      We need the oil to carry on with the lifestyle we have, don’t we?

      Our society is bankrupt and immoral, but won’t change, because it is owned by big business and needs us to be good little consumers.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      I have to wonder if BP is serious about actually STOPPING the leak... up 'til their most recent attempt (TopKill), the were more concerned with recovering as much of the spilled oil, and yet to be spilled oil, as possible and load it into tankers.

      Maybe if the top executives of BP (all the "C" levels and their direct reports) were shown the niceties of the iron bar hotel until the leak is stopped, they might get more serious about actually stopping it...

      According to what I read earlier today, they were deliberately understating the amount of oil dumped by the well, by up to 25,000 barrels per day... because their fine for environmental damage and cleanup will be based on the total volume spilled/released by the well...

      Besides throwing the top executives in jail, the company should be liable for ALL the cleanup costs, ALL the lost wages and income of the affected population, and the maximum penalty for environmental damages, based on a legitimate estimate of the amount spilled, not British Pollution's phony estimate.

      Plus, I expect to see BP's sales in the US drop to near nothing, based on comments I've seen on some of the forum boards... wouldn't be at all surprised to see some of the more radical environmental groups, or members thereof, take direct action, of a criminal nature, against BP.

      FAIL, because BP may be the biggest corporate failure in history, even bigger than Enron and friends.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    They always get away with it ...

    @James Woods, I think Exxon, Trafigura and Union Carbide are living proof that big business gets away with trashing the planet every time.

    @yoinkster, BP should pay the bill as a bare, absolute minimum. They should hardly expect a pat on the back for it. If BP like making billions of dollars in profit they should know what they are doing. Their systems should be properly engineered. Like the airline industry they love raking in the money but when something goes wrong they expect everyone else to suffer (ie ash cloud - we sold our tickets too cheap! we can't afford to pay people compensation!). This is the true cost of oil. Their board of directors should be on their knees at the beach licking up every last drop of oil given they love the stuff so much.

  6. <shakes head>

    get a grip

    oh me oh my , we should destroy the company, I think this shows little to no understanding of economics, it will just be replaced by a 'new ' company with most of the same employees, the assets will be sold not destroyed, and we will all lose the pension money invested in BP, great insight there, glad to see such thoughtful commentary.

  7. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Pension funds will reinvest in flogging tobacco to China, no problem

    In the 19th century we were selling opium. That's heroin minus the convenience.

    Apparently the best way to catch the oil is to drill another hole right into the first hole, and I assume they've been doing that all along but apparently it takes two months. They will then start burning the oil as it comes out, which seems rather a shame.

    I hwonder if at some point it becomes feasible, and cheaper, for BP just to close its entire U.S. business and walk away...

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