back to article NetApp beating out EMC

NetApp is becoming the lead storage vendor in virtualised environments because it offers a more seamless and cost-effective approach than EMC. That's the view of Mark Moscowitz, a J P Morgan analyst, in a note published on May 25. He says there is a secular shift to mid-range storage which is benefitting NetApp more than EMC …


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  1. Random_Walk

    I can agree to that, with one caveat...

    I've preferred NetApp over EMC, but only because of the lower up-front costs. OTOH, NetApp can nickle+dime you to death over licensed add-on features if you let them, and tend to push some things as more important than they are (e.g. SnapManager - it's a great 2nd-line backup, but certainly no substitute for separate VLT's or tape).

    1. peter 62


      i think you're getting snapmanager confused with snapvault:

      - snapvault: keep your snapshots on disk for a long time & not much used-up storage space; possible tape backup alternative

      - snapmanager: integrate with your application (sql/oracle/exchange/sap/etc) to give storage resource management (clone/provision/snapshot) to the application admin rather than relying on the storage admin

  2. McVirtual

    Slightly bias view IMO

    The report seems a tad un-evidential (nice new word), baring in mind the openness between VMware and EMC development teams I find it hard to factor in that there could be any other two companies working harder at synergy than EMC/VMware.

    Point in hand their vBlock offering, not a partnership, not a commodity, but a union of EMC, Cisco together with VMWare at CEO level.


    1. Random_Walk


      EMC also tends to get a lot of VMWare goodies first.

    2. tdcb

      You'd think so...

      But word is from folks at VMWare that they hate EMC, they don't enjoy working with the dopes from Hopkington, and that they view EMC storage as really really bad.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Schoolboy errors...

    Did that JP Morgan analyst really use that many "it's" when he meant "its"? I counted 4 just in the text you quoted.

    A vendor more cost-effective than EMC? Who'd have thunk it?

  4. JL 1

    VMWare: in bed with everyone who can lower cost

    True, VMware is an EMC company.... but it is held at arms length and left to make its own decisions on server and storage strategies. You will see joint CEO level briefings with VMware and NetApp, VMware and 3PAR, VMware and anyone who can lower the TCO of virtualising. I did the math myself: today NTAP with de-dupe over IP is cheaper and easier than VMAX or CLARiiON over FC. Sure, this will all change in the future as vendors leapfrog but today the punter is voting with his wallet. You've got to see the the positive side of this for EMC: VMware revenue is ballooning! Why would Tucci force a partnership between EMC and VMware that damages his golden goose? That's not smart, so for now he lets VMware partner with who ever is needed to drive the virtualisation market onwards.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    NetApp Cheaper - dont make me Laugh

    I have sitting in front of me quotes; each for a Centralized Storage environment, Archive solution and backup solution. The NetApp is by far the most expensive on all three. What this article does not cover is the expensive maintenance and upgrade costs that NetApp have.

    All in all EMC provide a far deeper and broader strategic Storage solution which can have capacity on demand built in with out the exorbitant maintenance and upgrade costs that come with NetApp

    1. NoSh*tSherlock!

      You get what you ask for.

      Your comment "I have sitting in front of me quotes; each for a Centralized Storage environment, Archive solution and backup solution" is exactly what I see from IT dinosaurs every day.

      get somebody to quote you for a single integrated state of the art solution.

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