back to article Gizmodophone may have forced Jobs' hand

One reason Steve Jobs went ballistic over the infamous iPhone-left-in-a-bar escapade may have been that the lost stolen peripatetic prototype was not the one he planned to introduce from the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote stage on June 7. In a Wednesday wrap-up of iPhone 4G rumors, DigiTimes analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — he …


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  1. Electric Panda
    Jobs Halo

    Go for the jugular

    If I were Steve Jobs, I'd introduce the proper model we've all seen while being witty and tongue-in-cheek about the leaks. Steve's managed to do that before, especially when his obituary accidentally leaked and "Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" and it went down a treat with the crowd.

    Unveiling a lesser powered model would be seen as capitulating to those who carried out the original leaks and it would also make him look stupid, as well as inciting angry amongst his faithful followers and customers.

    I'm seriously considering getting my first iPhone, but if Steve eventually unveils one that's lacking in comparison to the leaked one then I'll probably end up giving it a miss.

    1. Annihilator Silver badge
      Jobs Halo

      Inciting anger

      "Unveiling a lesser powered model would be seen as capitulating to those who carried out the original leaks and it would also make him look stupid, as well as inciting angry amongst his faithful followers and customers."

      No it won't, the ever-faithful will accept his word that we're just not ready for the subsequent generation (we'll call it the 3GTSi shall we? Upcoming version to be the 3GTS) and he'll let us know when we're worthy recipients of it.

      All hail etc

    2. Geoff Campbell


      Even his witticisms aren't original, then?


  2. Bob H


    As a manufacturer of CE myself I can say that when you are prototyping some new hardware you can quite often give the developers something that aesthetically looks little like the end product. New casings are long lead-time items and sometimes need several attempts to get the moulding correct.

    I have even publicly demo'ed a next generation product that didn't match the production, but it was a technical demo not a sales demo. As for missing hardware, it is possible to work on the further generation and yet release an intermediate version but that seemed more like the 3GS strategy.


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Two Words

    Who cares?

    BTW, can we see lines/hoardes of people camping overnight on Regent street "dying" to buy the new Internet access device and reader? A glorified Ipod at best? It,ll raise a chuckle early in the morning, really.

    Paris, cos I can wait and camp all night for her.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Two Words

      "Who cares?

      BTW, can we see lines/hoardes of people camping overnight on Regent street "dying" to buy the new Internet access device and reader? A glorified Ipod at best?"

      You do know that the iPhone is a phone, don't you?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      You clearly care

      Otherwise why bother posting this garbled rubbish of yours?

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  5. MarkOne

    Come on..

    Even a moron can see that leaving this phone in a public place is a obvious publicity stunt by Apple. It worked SO well, even Motorola are now playing the same game.,news-6904.html

    They have shown how dumb the media and consumers really are...

  6. Andre 3

    Cheaper version?

    Has anyone thought maybe Apple will release 2 versions - one 'top-spec' model with all the whizz bang features, and one 'budget' model for those on lower budgets, say Africa/Asia/Latin America? I can see many going for the budget model if the price is right...

  7. Rotate anti-clockwise ...

    Upgrade cycle broken?

    Maybe the real reason for St. Steve's ire is that the 'lower spec' 4G was going to be introduced first, and then followed about 9 months later by the 4GS! Another <poor pun> case </poor pun> of the perpetual push to get the fans to upgrade early and often!

  8. Tom 64
    Jobs Horns

    Gotta admit,

    ...the I phone 4G seen on Giz. was a rather sweet looking piece of kit, even though I'd never buy one due to Job's unethical business practices.

    Can't see any reason why it shouldn't have ~500Mb of RAM onboard tho, after all the Nexus One has 512Mb RAM.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dear Steve Jobs


  10. Anonymous Coward

    Supply chain lead time?

    I've no idea how good their supply chain is, but switching things this close to a release I would imagine would have huge ramifications that not only would cost money, but probably wouldn't be possible in the time remaining till launch (unless they had planned to release next WWDC, and now can't till July??). You can't just make a hardware change last minute and expect all your suppliers and manufacturers to be able to implement that change.

    I could be wrong, their supply chain may be better than Dell's, but something tells me no.

  11. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: Supply chain lead time?

    "....their supply chain may be better than Dell's...."

    I bloody hope so. I've been waiting for a replacement Dell battery to become available for six bleedin' months now. Given how long the sodding things last, by the time it turns up it'll be already dead.

    What would be surprising is if there's anyone still in business out there with a supply chain *worse* than Dell's......

  12. MyHeadIsSpinning
    Jobs Horns

    So what?

    Why should Steve care about what people are expecting?

    A front facing camera is not new, it is already available on other devices and has been for some time now.

    Also, Steve will expect that punters will be happy with what he gives them (which is why he felt confident to charge extra for an i-Pad which has 3G).

  13. Levente Szileszky

    iPhone might catch up with rest of the smartphones... yawn.

    Seriously, as someone put it properly: "who cares?"

    I might be interested a bit if Froyo wouldn't be out already but it is and it's so far ahead of everything else it's not even funny anymore, it's just painful to watch.

    Apart from Android 2.2 the only other interesting recent news about phones was HP's takeover of WebOS (Palm) - that's one nice, flexible and well-documented OS and HP has legions of smart engineers, I cannot wait to see their next phone.

  14. John 62

    egg on face

    according to wikipedia, teh Steve is a vegetarian, so I'm sure egg is most definitely off the menu.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    I still dont care !

    Whether the phone has a camera or not, or whatever specs St. Steves is hiding/trying to hide, relase, not release, going ballistic or not, shitting in his holy pants or not etc etc.

    What I care about here is the style of El Reg writing/Sarcasm, wit and of course smirking at the blind followers/faithfull who will queue overnight for the latest crumbs of comfort (read Manna from heaven) when the doors open at 8am and the ever faithful clamouring to get their hands on (emptying their already low-running pockets in the bargain!) the latest offering and having a collective orgasm of self-satisfying demeanour of having paid obeisance to the holy St. Jobs.

    Yes I would like to see that being reported and photo'ed for posterity to marvel at the ingenuity of one man in herding the sheepish followers to an ever higher plane of human consciousness and well being.

    What a joy it would be to see all this unfolding for a Friday morning chuckle and smirk. WIl make my day.

    Thats what I care about, mate! And thats why I write what I write. The incisive posts with a sense of humour, which clearly is missing in your missive!

    Smile, its only a Friday morning after all, not a cataclysmic event. And of course, St. Jobs Ifart toy for the masses.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      You certainly are a unique and uncommon individual, a goat among sheep, and you definitely don't have a perverse and futile obsession with the futile obsessions of others. Of course, you never rely on other people's spending decisions to bolster your own sense of superiority, either...

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Well said - Yup

        Smack on buddy. Very succinctly put. As aptly suggested by you, Its futile after all, Isnt't it?

        Soon these toys would become door-stoppers (for one). I dont feel superior, just smug when I see all this hysteria and oneupmanship.

        Have a beer and chillout.

        Its gonna be a warm Firday in a long while and enjoy the show and hours of news footage about this (non)event.

        Gotta be smiles again. Love the flame.

  16. Rick Brasche

    that's not egg on his face....

    overenthusiastic pent-up fanbois + new shiny device = you get the idea.

    I'm more enthused about the OS4.0 for existing devices than a new handset. working AM/FM radio? Non-Apple branded bluetooth keyboard support?


  17. OrsonX

    iPhone OS4

    I wonder if the calendar app will finally get updated so that it has a red spot (like the other apps) to notify me on days when I have an event? I find the fact that the current version doesn't have this simple functionality bizzare (& unhelpful!).

    => the new leaked iPhone itself looks pretty tasty tho, hope it is the final design!

    PS: OS4, will I finally be able to delete the f-in Stocks app?, grr!

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