back to article Google renews vows with Chrome OS

One day, Google says, it will merge Android and Chrome OS. But at the moment, despite Android's ever-expanding influence, the web colossus is intent on delivering Chrome OS before the end of the year, complete with its inability to run local applications or store local data. "Chrome is part of our strategy to make the web more …


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  1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Whoa, hold on,,,

    "Chrome is part of our strategy to make the web more powerful,"

    Hold there...

    "Chrome is part of our strategy to make GOOGLE more powerful,"

    There, that's better!

  2. Jamie Davis
    Thumb Down


    Sends a shiver down my spine.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    found another one

    "the man who compiled android"

    There, fixed

    Since when have Linux based OS's become inventions?

  4. Stone Fox

    "Think about how Chrome became the fastest browser"

    Chrome became the fastest browser? When did this happen?

  5. NB

    shit, crock of.

    Well, I sure as hell won't be buying a chrome OS device, especially if there's no local storage. I absolutely adore my netbook. 250GB of storage and Ubuntu Netbook Edition. It's sweet as. I can use it as a small laptop and watch movies, run torrents, play games etc all because of the local storage and a good solid OS. Hell, I've even installed apache on it and use it as a local web development platform for design and testing.

    Sounds to me like Chrome OS is only going to be of use to people who'd be better served by a decent smartphone.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please answer this Question

    "And the more you use its online services, the more opportunities the company has to collect your data — and serve you ads."

    What commercial benefit do Google get from 'collecting;' so much of our data, either now, or in the future. I can see some benefit in making adds targettable, but not enough to put your sentence in that order i.e. collecting data being more important than serving ads. Google don't make money from collecting data, they make money by serving ads. Collecting some data may help in targeting ads, but not the sort of data collection that is derided by some many tards here. So, can anyone tell me why Google are (apparently) collecting so much data that is of no commercial benefit?

    1. NicG

      Hope I am getting thre........?

      I happen to see your comment, the first i see the comment page of this article. Just give this a thought and try to answer few questions.. you probably know ads.. is what marketing.. so what do you call a effective marketing?.. for effective marketing what do a agency/marketing company would need to win his clients ( the big Company)?

      To run google.. where do you think google getting fuel... see Google maps, Google business mail services.... the free services are become their testimonial for the commercial use ...

  7. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Merged meaning what?

    Future Android systems won't have local data storage, everything's in the cloud?

    Or, the Chrome browser is one of many applications that run on Android?

    Or, the browser is an integral part of the operating system... whoa, sounds like Microsoft Windows. Bad Google! Bad!

  8. Havin_it

    Aw crap

    And here I was really getting rather excited about the prospect of getting an Android phone in the mid-term future. From this it sounds like the future for "Google's good OS" is uncertain and probably short (at least the "good" part, i.e. the part where you can use something other than bloody web-apps in it).

    Crap. Crap crap crap. Nokia, if you're listening, PLEASE show more horse-sense and let Meego flourish as a truly open platform. Either that or start giving Symbian some more dev-love, I don't mind which.

  9. caerphoto

    Use a smartphone?

    "Sounds to me like Chrome OS is only going to be of use to people who'd be better served by a decent smartphone."

    Or, you know, people who want to browse the web and send e-mails on a screen that isn't tiny. People like my parents, hell even myself, who want an easy to use (for them, not for people like us who are tech-savvy) computer that is relatively inexpensive and isn't beholden to a mobile phone company.

    Honestly, some people need to take a peek outside their own little bubbles and see what the real world is like.

    1. AlexH


      One large reason being that every new Ubuntu release I do a fresh install, and every time I find myself configuring less and less, to the point where right now I have little more than Google Chrome and a bunch of chrome 'application shortcuts' in my quick-access icons on the taskbar...

      Documents - internet

      Photos - internet

      Communication platform(s) - internet

      Calendar - internet

      Oh, and there's also spotify, but I wouldn't be surprised if that gets a web front-end a-la Grooveshark at some point in the future.

      YES, I want to keep my 'proper' computer for the 5% (probably less) of the time that I want to do other things, but well, I'm sure you see my point.

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