back to article Yahoo! buys! obscure! Indonesian! geo! location! site!

Yahoo! has bought a little-known Indonesian social media company for an undisclosed sum. Koprol offers a geo-location service to its users, much in the same way as the more widely known Foursquare - which Yahoo! had also been pursuing in a $100m, seemingly doomed bout of kiss chase. "Users are increasingly relying on mobile …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What? Two mentions in two days?

    Oh well... I suppose they *must* still exist then.

    Did microsoft buy them in the end? Or not?

    Does anybody care?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    In my expereince

    In my experience in Silicon Valley & Boston, when a "little known" company with not much in the way of products/markets gets bought by one of the "big boys", it means only one thing. The executives of the "big boy" have investments in one or more of the VC firms behind the "little known" company, and this is a tried & true method to fatten their own wallets (via their investments in the VC firms) at the expense of the "big boy" shareholders. When the sum is "undisclosed" as it usually is, it's because the sum is ridiculously large for the state of the "little known" company.

  3. Ruli Manurung

    Indonesia... is that near Bali?

    "It’s not entirely clear why the web search has-been would consider Indonesia’s market to be of any particular significance."

    Indeed, what a mystery! It's not like Indonesia is a big market or anything:

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