back to article Violin punts flash-mem array with '10X performance advantage'

Violin Memory is introducing a flash memory array product with integrated flash RAID and a "sustainable ten-fold performance advantage over leading competitors". The 3200 Flash Memory Array has hot-swappable flash drives and is claimed to have a much lower cost per useable gigabyte as well as a performance advantage. It is a …


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  1. Assumed Name

    "Punts" confuses us Anglophilic Techno-Yanks every time

    For just a second.

    Why would they abandon this? Huh? What? They are punting?

    "Punting" in American football means you are kicking the ball it to the opposition as they have thwarted your efforts at forward progress.

    Having spent time in the U.K., I understand that Chris means that Violin is not giving up, but is instead going for a ride in a little flat bottom boat propelled by a long stick.

    Top Gear and The Reg satisfy my thirst for Brit-isms. Keep up the good work. Don't punt.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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