back to article Unified communications in context?

We've seen from Reg research that a lot of you have considered and are exploring the notion of unified comms so we’ve been trying to do some work on your behalf. Last week we got a whole range of end users and experts in the field of unified comms to do a series of videos on the challenges, benefits and management of such …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    The more things change ...

    ... the more Marketing will try to sell snake-oil.

    UC's been tried, and a whole bunch of money has been thrown at it. It failed. For my personal take on the subject, see:


    Not that I know anything, mind.

  2. Stu

    around 27mins down.

    Thanks for this video, it has been very informative - we're still in the process of rolling out and publicising the MS OCS solution ourselves.

    One point I'd like to reinforce - It is agreed about the Skype, Yahoo IM being treatable as mostly virus like, something to be pulled out, but the full reason why these shouldn't be used in the organisation is because of the security and privacy issues related to these essentially public comms networks.

    OCS for instance keeps all your IM, voice and video chat inside the organisation without so much as a single conversation packet leaving your network (unless you want it to with inter-organisation federation).


    Furthermore with our OCS solution, we have experienced no drop outs with our OCS implementation, and we're not using any QoS networking for it (yet). Video, audio and IM is all equally fast, we have invested in a fast, highly connected, Cisco LAN between all our sites.

    Thanks guys!


    Point taken about getting our users properly informed and bought into the idea. I think this is actually one of the biggest challenges over the technical ones!



This topic is closed for new posts.

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