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  1. Ryan Barrett

    Clones are $15

    Delivered from certain well known chinese websites.

    You'd be a fool to drop 80GBP on it.

    1. Baskitcaise


      Just got one of the clones from a Channel Island company cost me ( with discount about £16 P&P Inc )

      720x480, comes with charging mains plug* + USB cables.

      Cheap, cheerful and fun, just point and click.

      * In fact this is a 3 pin mains plug with a USB outlet that the USB cable plugs into very handy for charging all the other portable USB things I have, Yes I do shiny in a big way.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Hmm ...

    I'd have said the "Duck" on page three of this review looked more like a Coot personally .... ;)

  3. Steve Loughran


    Rolling shutters aren't due to CMOS itself, just how the image is pulled off it. If it is pulled off one line at a time -rolling shutter. IC designers could do better capture, but then they'd need more storage.

    The camera I'm looking for cycling is the contour HD; it comes with two lasers for you to check where it is looking, and does 720p; worth the premium, IMO.

  4. Scott Mckenzie

    Where were the vids taken?

    Bath? Cheltenham?

    Looks lovely... but i couldn't really make out enough detail!!

  5. max allan

    80 quid!

    "It’s designed for fun without having to worry about breaking it."

    Not worry about breaking an 80 quid camera? What gold plated gravy train are you riding? Can I get a job with the reg as a writer, I'd do it for half the money and (it sounds like) I'd still be getting loads.

    Check out the keyfob cameras on eBay, which are about a tenner and sounds like they get better resolution and performance and are not that much bigger, if at all.

    Those, I wouldn't mind so much breaking.

  6. Gene Cash Silver badge


    My older Micro doesn't suffer from rolling shutter or the short battery life, plus it's only US$75 at Brookstone, so apparently they've taken several steps backwards.

    The thing is only the size of my thumb anyways, so another cm or so smaller isn't that big of an advantage to me.

    Now one issue is my Micro IDs itself as USB 1.1 (on Linux, Windows XP and Vista, on several makes of PC) and only transfers at 1.1 speeds. I talked to Veho tech support, and they didn't bother to reply. It's a LOT faster to take the card out and use a USB 2.0 reader.

    Also, both xine and mplayer find lots of issues with errors in the resulting video files, but they can still play it.

    I didn't know about keyfob cameras, but now I do... thanks to the other comments.

  7. ewan 3

    Get a clone

    I've got a clone, it does a better job than the real thing. They're quite popular with mtbing folk, and it's always amusing to compare the footage I've got for 12 quid to the one that someone payed 80 quid for.... esp the older ones of the model reviewed, that actually only do 20fps...

    They work well in good light (e.g. strapped to a snowboard boot), and badly in low light.

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