back to article Microsoft to wave goodbye to mobile 'experience' boss?

All change at Microsoft, according to the Wall Street Journal which reports J Allard - responsible for the Xbox and parent to the stillborn Courier - is top of the leaving list. Citing the omniscient "people familiar with the matter" the WSJ reports that Microsoft will likely announce a complete reorganising of its …


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  1. IT specialist

    Microsoft to wave goodbye to mobile. Period.

    Microsoft's mobile plans are in tatters. There's now no way that Windows Phone 7 will survive.

    J Allard's departure shows a lack of confidence within Microsoft. Ballmer is steering the company towards disaster.

    While Microsoft's mobile division crashes and burns, Google's Android and Apple's iPhone continue to gain market share rapidly.

    1. dogged

      While you're here

      Which lottery numbers should I pick this week and will it rain on my birthday?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Too cool for a first name?

    Anyone who thinks they're too cool for a first name is a cnut and deserves to get sacked.

    And anyone who's inflicted Microsoft's mobile 'experience' on us deserves to get shot.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Entertainment and Devices

    well... sure the Xbox is great, but the rest of it... Zune is too little, too late to stop the iPod onslaught (maybe if they stopped trying to stuff features in and made it more useful... oh, and consolidated their media players on the desktop to just one); the current Windows Mobile crop are pretty crap compared to the alternatives and Phone7 will just be one of many and - like WebOS - too little, too late.

    Windows Media Center has the potential to be great, but a PC doesn't interface that well with CableTV and offers very little over a TiVo because they have to deal with so many compromises (but features like the DVD Carousel support just make the media experience on the Xbox look less finished) and as for their MediaRoom product (what's that? you cry... exactly!)

    If the best they have to follow on from the Xbox360 is Surface that's a group of people in trouble..

    Google, Apple and even a "trusted partner" like HP are about to start eating into their entertainment story.

    Oh, actually... they do make pretty good mice and keyboards.

    Windows7, Office2010, Visual Studio 2010.... these are examples of MS doing what it understands and executing well. They just don't have the right leadership or outlook for Entertainment. They should sell that group to Logitech (or buy Logitech and operate it as a seperate unit with its old management)

  4. Simon Langley
    Thumb Down

    Windows Mobile is doooooomed

    Windows Mobile and its predecessors easily beat off all comers as being the worst OSs I have ever used. Completely inconsistent UI, appalling lack of stability leading to hard resets numerous times per day, general flakiness, complete lack of visual appeal etc etc.

    I am no fan of Microsoft's, but I have been favourably impressed with Windows 7 despite the atrocious dog's breakfast that was Vista and I have even considered buying a Windows 7 laptop. However, my experiences with Window Mobile have been so negative that there is no way I would ever touch it or its progeny with a barge pole. Never did an OS deserve to wither on the vine as much as Windows Mobile and I am fully confident that it will.

    Bye bye.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Let's face facts

    Microsoft has been the bane of the computer industry since its inception.

    Just tell me how many times you've had to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

    Give me Unix/Linux anyday and let's finally bid farewell to Microsoft...

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