back to article Mass Effect movie deal done

Role-playing game Mass Effect is set to make a big-screen appearance. Legendary Pictures - the company behind the latest Batman movies, 300, Watchmen and Where the Wild Things Are - has acquired the film development rights to the BioWare game series. Fans of the game like to talk up Mass Effect's exploration of themes and …


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  1. fLaMePrOoF


    Out of all the games I've played Mass Effect has struck me as one with the most potential for a movie franchise (with the possible exception of Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines).

    Looking forward to seeign what 300 Studio can do with this.

  2. Thomas 4

    Oh God....

    This sounds a recipe for disaster. Why couldn't they have let Bioware do the script for this instead of some worthless Hollywood hack? Bioware games are *the* industry standard for good dialogue and plots. Saying "I did the dialogue for I Am Legend" is hardly something to brag about on your CV.

    1. Braz82


      If it's not Drew Karpyshyn it won't feel like Mass Effect but I still hope they pick a lot better writer before they start work on it.

      No matter what it will suck, after all it's a video game turned into a movie and they hardly ever work.

      1. Thomas 4

        Video game movies can work!

        Just look at the cinematic excellence of the Tomb Raider series, the celluloid glory of the Resident Evils, the chilling psychological horror of Silent Hill and the grand daddy of them all, Super Mario Bros - The Movie.

        How could Mass Effect possibly fail?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    "scripter Mark Protosevich - he adapted Richard Matheson's I Am Legend onto the silver screen to get his teeth into."

    Yes and we all know how close that was to the original book. Never played Mass Effect, but I have general idea of the themes. As usual in order to squeeze it into a 90 min big screen, dumb-down-fest for the dribbling masses, it will most likely have all the bite and thought provoking themes stripped out, in favour of picture perfect stars in tight lyrca pulling a lot of "smell the fart" type acting poses!

  4. kosch
    Thumb Up

    Female Shep

    I've played both games as the female version which I think makes more sense. The voice acting in ME1/2 from Jennifer Hale (She also did Bastila in KoToR) made the character alot more belivable and the plot made more sense. I hope they consider having a female as the main character in the film!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oooh good

    I hope there are REALLY long scenes in a lift - otherwise it won't be anything like the original.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    A bit redundant

    The game Mass Effect is pretty much a really long movie where you have to hold down fire before you can advance the plot.

    Not that I think that's a bad thing, I enjoyed it.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    American Idiots

    will love it for sure, and queue up at midnight to see it, etc etc etc..

    Everyone else will go "meh...."

  8. Thomas 18

    Uwe Boll is gutted

    that they turned down his offer.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    It will pan

    "I am legend" is rubbish, but the movie studio had merit.

    THEN I read they are doing a warcraft movie.

    SORRY, never in the world ever has anything chilled me to the bone till I read that.

    It's the end of days I tell you. It will pan. (Masseffect film, not just warcraft film)

    The reapers SHOULD rock in CGI, but you know as well as I do they will meddle as hollywood always does. They won't be reapers as the giant lobsters we love, they will be some B5 cloned spider, or a 'Cloud'. Like Galactus was in Fantastic four 2. Hollywood has to meddle, it is what it thinks people want.

    1. Rattus Rattus

      re Warcraft movie

      Out of curiosity, why did that chill you so?

      I'm pretty indifferent to a WoW movie myself, don't care whether it's good or crap, but I would have thought it would have been a more natural fit for Disney to have picked that one up.

  10. blackworx
    Thumb Down

    I Am Legend

    This is the same Will Smith vehicle whose story was almost 100% arse about tit compared to the book and whose ending was utterly destroyed? Wow - some recommendation that.

  11. Gerard Krupa

    Yes, piracy is destorying the film industry...'s nothing to do with the studios being unable to muster up a single new or interesting idea among themselves.

  12. Rattus Rattus

    I wonder

    whether this will work. I would love to see a Mass Effect movie if done well, but I don't have a lot of confidence. They absolutely must cast Seth Greene as Joker, of course. I'd love to see Christina Hendricks as Commander Shepard, but of course they'll play it safe and make a male Shepard. (Boo! Hiss!)

    I just couldn't play the game with a male Shepard, he just turned out way too camp. It ruined any kind of dramatic tension. Besides which, he seemed really wooden in comparison to female Shep.

  13. Lionel Baden

    Or it might just be a load of explosions and CGI.

    Oh God i do hope so !!!

    p.s. throw some sex appeal or just plain sex in there as well please

    Havnt had a fun shoot em up for a while now

  14. Anonymous Coward


    I love the mass effect series, me2 is one of the most impressive games ever.. But (yes, you knew it was coming), I feel no urge to see Hollywood's take on it.

    ME was interesting, clever and ME2 in particular had some interesting morally ambivalent paths to choose- probably why I enjoyed it, while not being a fan of fuckwit trekkiedom space opera.

    Taking a good game and trying to make a movie out of it won't work- if you put it through a sausage machine that strips it of all notable features, and the things that made it interesting. The generic exploding blockbuster pipeline does that, reducing everything to the lowest common denominator. Thus must adaptations of everything end up as over-compressed exploding pap.

    Kinda telling that the only film that I've actually bothered to see in the cinema this year was "Four Lions". The rest were either on DVD, or via torrents. It's not worth the time, money or noisy slurping face-stuffing phone-shouting cinema tard pain, going all that way to see yet another cookie cutter affair.

    Rant., ramble etc. Sorry, I am miffed enough that this has made me rather incoherent. Gonna make some coffee and wake up a bit.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Mass Effect 2 was one of the best games I have played in ages so I was very excited to read about the film until I saw the line:

    " should provide a wealth of plot for scripter Mark Protosevich - he adapted Richard Matheson's I Am Legend onto the silver screen"

    Judging by the I am Legend adaptation, this film will suck donkey balls. I am Legend is a fantastic book, but a truely awful film :(

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