back to article IT managers are spoil sports

Just over half of IT managers (54 per cent) think staff should be banned from watching the World Cup using PCs at work. Why? because they think streaming madness will bring their corporate networks crashing down. So says Bluecoat Systems, which does networky management stuff like stopping people watch the World Cup on their …


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  1. dannymc
    Big Brother


    Last time I checked, it should be up to the owners to decide on what staff can or can't do, then IT to enforce it. Who died and made the IT Deparments oligarchs?

  2. Mike Lewis

    Soccer with the IT Department

    Ideally, IT departments should not be oligarchs but they often are, Along with the person in charge of the stationery cupboard, they are people you do NOT want to make enemies. What works for me is to treat them as if they have done me a personal favour when they fix something, which is the attitude of the worst ones. That gets me to the front of the queue the next time something goes wrong. It also works when getting help from a member of another team, even to the extent that they will neglect their own team's work in favour of helping me. A little appreciation can go a long way.

    The best thing one of the companies I worked for did, come to think of it the only good thing they did, was to set up a projector in an empty room while the Olympics were on. People were free to wander in and out as they pleased. Perhaps the same could be done for the soccer.

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