back to article iPhone 3G disappears from cellco sites

Suspicions that the iPhone 3G is not long for this world would appear to be founded - if UK carriers' websites are anything to go by. O2, for example, isn't offering the 3G as an option at all. Whether you're after a pay-monthly package or a pay-as-you-go deal, you can get the iPhone 3GS but not its predecessor. Orange does …


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  1. PC1512


    So, Farewell then, iPhone 3G.

    It's done sterling service and should be remembered fondly - remember this was the iPhone that ushered in the Appstore and was also subsidised by networks for the first time, making much more of a meaningful impact on the phone biz than it's predecessor.

    Even the most fervent Apple basher should thank this phone for the fact that their latest and greatest Android smartphone even exists.

  2. davenewman

    3G for Morgans

    So will we be able to get dirt cheap iPhone 3Gs from Morgan Computers now?

    That's where I buy all my 'phones - I wait until they are obsolete, so I can afford them.

  3. NemoWho
    Jobs Halo

    I wouldn't say completely disappeared....

    Wal-Mart is VERY excited to push off a 3G iPhone on you for $97.00 USD. It's as if they've just heard of it! ^__^

This topic is closed for new posts.

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