back to article Google in shock reveal of AdSense revenue shares

Google has revealed exactly how much revenue it shares with third-party websites who run text advertisements brokered through its AdSense service. With a Monday blog post, the company said that under its AdSense for content program — which serves those familiar "Ads by Google" onto webpages — sites receive a 68 per cent cut of …


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  1. JeffyPooh

    $100 minimum cheque

    They've had my $50 for at least a year. I'll bet that they've got a few hundred million dollars of ad revenue on the books that 'belongs' to all the little bloggers.

    1. Chris Pearson

      Same problem with same app stores

      I have the same issue on android app store, until I break $100 they won't pay me a penny, which is very aggravating. As a small niche app with 0 advertising, sales are slow to say the least.

      I was contemplating on adding advertising instead of charging but I suspect I will have the same issue again.

  2. GrandpaChris
    Thumb Up

    Let the ad games begin.

    Apple has iAd within the Operating System for all iPads devices. Ten years from now Apple will have revenue coming out it's . . . Just like Google.

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