back to article PC World gets almost-exclusive iPad deal

If you want to buy an iPad on Friday, and you aren't near an Apple store, you'd best get down to PC World or Currys. Dixons Store Group International has got a 60-day exclusive to sell the giant phoneless iPhone in 139 stores. Pre-orders are only available through Apple's own shops. The magic pad will also be on sale in Best …


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  1. Bear Features


    PC World... iPad... pretty much go hand-in-hand really.

  2. Wayland Sothcott 1

    iPad Nano 3G

    I am holding out for the iPad Nano 3G.

    Then when that's available I will wait for the 4G.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      iPad nano

      aka the iPod Touch.

      3G version = iPhone 3G?

      Hang around Cupertino bars and you may find an iPad nano 4G!

  3. Starfish
    Thumb Up


    Makes sense I suppose since the kind of people who would buy an iPad would also be the type of people to pay for the over-priced, last generation IT equipment usually on sale at PC World.

  4. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Anothe reason to avoid then!

    Unless I get seriously desperate for a tin of blank DVDs or a printer cartridge, PC World can get stuffed, I wouldn't set foot in their stores. 250 sovs for a "PC healthcheck"? Bog off you scam merchants!!

    Maplin might not be much better, but at least they don't employ spotty 17 year olds who think they know all about PC's 'cos they use FaceBook!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    IT Angle

    PC world

    Always some fun to be had in PC world asking where the 'Intel Inside' sticker was on an AMD system, or what had happened to Windows on a Linux net book. The IPad could be the ultimate in this respect.............. IT? is PC World an IT company?

  6. N2

    Slightly bizzarre

    That the worlds least favourite PC vendor gets to supply iPads whilst Apples premium resellers dont.

    No doubt the army of spotty 15 year old salesmen are practising phrases such as "Ive been using one for ages and its brilliant" and such like, whilst back in the real world the resellers are still scratching their heads.

    Or have they changed their minds on that one?

    Im failing to understand the motive for such actions

  7. Sampler
    Thumb Down

    Exclusive isn't what it used to be

    CCLonline have been selling them the past week:

    1 left at the mo but had a fair few more in last week.

  8. Sooty


    They'll probably be throwing in* a copy of Norton Antivirus with the things!

    *£50 Added to the price, listed as part of the package, no mention of being optional, etc.

  9. fLaMePrOoF

    Much ado about nothing..

    IMO, but then I'm a confirmed Apple shunboi

    1. Mountford D a fair amount of hype

      A colleague came back from holiday in the US with an iPad recently. While it undoubtably had the Apple slickness, it was basically a netbook with a scaled-up iPhone UI. After a few minutes of fun playing with its pinch and expand feature on Google maps and it went back in its case. Can't say I've a got an urge to go banging on the doors of PC World but no doubt the gadgetbois will regardless.

  10. Stone Fox

    The shite selling the shite

    aaaaaaaaaand still haven't found a single reason to set foot in PC World.

  11. Is it me?

    Why would you...

    ...allow your precious new baby to be exclusive to the worst technology retailer.

    1. Coverage

    2. Get them to give more prominence to MACs in return.

    If you buy your Apples at John Lewis, the prospect of buying early through DSGi won't make you change your retailer, but there aren't as many John Lewis and Apple Store branches put together as there are DSGi outlets, so how do you get bumper sales, any other way.

  12. LuMan

    Bad Move

    Yep, buy it from PC World and then, when you need help, be told in a rather sanctimonious tone that "we don't support Macs".


    1. Steven Raith
      Thumb Down

      Check your facts

      PC World will do as much with your mac (add memory, send back to apple for hardware repair) as most registered Apple Certified outlets, outwith Genius centres etc.

      Has been that way for, ooh, at least five years. You know, when I worked there. Where I was authorised to add HDDs and memory to Macs, and could arrange for them to be couriered to Apple for hardware repair.

      Although I expect a number of smaller Apple certified outlets won't be best pleased at being pushed out like this in terms of the early adopter sales. I dare say they could do with the sales margin more than DSGi.

      Steven R

      1. LuMan
        Paris Hilton

        Check my facts..

        What, like this little gem:

        5 years? Is that how long ago 2007 was?

        To be fair, I worked for DSG (and then DSGi) as both shop worker, tech support on helpline (PC ServiceCall - Christ, remember that?), Freeserve and Contact Centre Management. Still, I was never surprised by the <sarc>brilliance</sarc> of the PC World bunch...

        Paris - 'cos even she's got more fecking idea!

        1. Steven Raith
          Thumb Up

          Fact checking

          One instance of a shop staffer being a thick twat because he's too lazy to actually learn how to do his job != PC World not supporting Macs.

          There again, I suspect that both of us were of the very few DSGi staffers who had an IQ that breaches three figures, so not a massive shock.

          Steven R

          Thumbs up because we're awsume.

          1. LuMan

            Totally Agree (to the 2nd bit)

            I'll drink to that, Steve.

  13. TimBiller
    Jobs Halo

    PC World branches already sell all Apple's range

    I was in my local PC World (Nottingham) the other week and there was a mini Apple Store in a very prominent position. I asked the attending black-clad hipster for the grif, daddy-o and he said he worked for Apple UK, not DSGi. There was a full range of Apple stuff, from 30in displays to mice - so it's not surprising that you can get an iPad from a PC World store, and a lot of them contain an official Apple store!


  14. TheRobster

    You know what this is, don't you?

    Apple are doing this to test your faith, they want to know just how badly you want an iPad. Basically, which do you value more: the prospect of iPad ownership, or your soul and possibly sanity?

    Cue jokes about the relationship between sanity and desire to own an iPad.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Match made in heaven.

    You would have to be a retard to shop and a DSG store like PCWorld

    You have have to be a iTard to buy an iPad.

    Surefire success...

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And if you don't want to buy an iPad on Friday...

    ...and millions of us find our lives remarkably complete without such gadgets ... then we know where to avoid the probably non-existent queues.

    Though they're to be avoided anyway ... I wouldn't buy an AA battery at either of these outlets. Use the door handles in these shops and you're well-advised to count your fingers afterwards.

  17. Dave 142

    PC world

    Doesn't seem like a good idea to me. PC World will probably dent and scratch them and leave them dusty in the corner, while John Lewis treats its Macs with the respect they deserve. Some useless PC World rep will probably try and switch the sale to a netbook too.

  18. Christopher Cowan

    PC World

    I imagine PC World will have the iPad switched off, or password protected so you can't use it and if you ask to have a go with it will be told that it doesn't run Windows and there is no software for. That is what my local store does with all the iMacs. I tried to buy Snow Leopard there and they said they didn't stock it, although I was the third person who had asked for it. When I asked when it would be in stock they said they didn't know.

  19. punkrock101
    Jobs Horns


    Why the hell is Apple letting PC World sell the iPad, have they gone mad, Sure all the macs in my local PC world are in a terrible state keys missing and dirty, The will try and flog microsoft office and norton with it too, sure they even sell norton with linux based netbooks, I near keeled over laughing the last time i had been into PC World i ask is there any way this Windows only printer will work on my mac, they said oh the mac has an intel chip now so it is now running windows, I walked out and went to tesco and got a better printer for half the price, The coverplan is not worth the paper it is printed on, I have them fake details the last time I actually bought something from that hellhole as they were pestering me that much, PC world = useless tossers

  20. Rattus Rattus

    I couldn't help but notice

    the phrase "Apple dealers." It seems oddly appropriate, no?

  21. Anonymous Coward

    So now I know.

    Selling in PC world... So does this confirm that it really IS an over-priced piece of junk?

  22. Willum08


    Perfectly matched - iPad and DSG - both rubbish...........

  23. TJ 2

    Three words

    God, who cares!?

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