back to article Cisco taps into smart grid money machine

Cisco has developed a new router and switch pair in an attempt to cash in on the growing interest in — and money-making potential of — "smart" electrical power grids. You may not think that this whole smart grid thing that IBM, Cisco Systems, and a bunch of other IT players have been pushing is all that big of a deal. But …


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  1. Mike Henderson

    'Smart grid' switches and routers

    I hope they do IPv6 from the start - there's going to be a lot of these devices out there.

    I mean, all those transmission companies are already using IPV6 or are at least IPv6-ready, aren't they?

  2. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "Derived from commercial ISR routers"

    Oh good. Plenty of hardware for people to practice on.

    Power companies. You have been in charge of your distribution networks.

    Not for long.

    Mine will be the one with "Good security is *never* bolted on afterward" on the back.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    death to buzzwords.

    There's no such thing as intelligent routing. There are protocols like BGP and OSPF that provide the ability to route around failed links.

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