back to article HP recalls 54,000 laptop batteries

HP has asked owners of dozens of models of laptop to return the machines' batteries just in case said power packs go foom. The recall follows a similar programme put in place a year ago and comes after HP "received 38 additional reports of batteries that overheated and ruptured resulting in 11 instances of minor personal …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Only the batteries?

    The HP G6000 laptop we bought for my daughter a couple of years back was fine until we noticed it getting very hot. It then mysteriously started having issues booting. Searching on various forums revealed that these symptoms are common with this model and are said to be a result of overheating. I checked to see if the battery was part of earlier recall programmes - it was not.

    I will have to wait until I get home tonight to see if our battery is now part of the recall programme (and I have a sneaky feeling that it will be). Question is: did this overheating battery also cause irreversible damage to nearby components and, if so, will HP be offering a free repair for the consequential damage?

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