back to article Video smutware attack returns to Facebook

Facebook users were hit for the second time in only a week by a video-themed malware attack last weekend. The latest assault involved the posting of a fake video to profiles entitled "distracting beach babes" that appeared under the guise of a post by one of a targeted user's friends on the social networking site. The messages …


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  1. Polhotpot

    What a con

    You'd think that the malware-mongers would at least have the decent to show you the promised video after they've filled your machine up with crap.

  2. Moon


    I did see this and clicked on the offending clip - the first thing it asked me was the standard Facebook: 'can I spread your personal data across the internet' (or words to that effect) to which I politely declined

    You can't say you weren't warned!

  3. Elmer Phud

    I laughed

    "The bogus application, if successfully installed, posts the same lure to contacts of an infected mark, restarting the exploit cycle."

    Yup, got one of these from someone I know - it wanted me to install shockwave.

    Nah, just laughed - especially as I'd just been clearing out the spam trap elsewhere and I'd got a really poor 419 that'd had me rolling on the floor.

    Mind you, it just shows you what some of your 'friends' will click on, surprising sometimes.

    1. Steven Raith

      A friend of mine did this too

      ...that is, clicked on the link.

      He did apologise shortly afterwards though, and in his defence, he was drunk.

      It was pretty well mocked up too - the link came from '3GP video' which had been set up as an app/group type thing, so it looked fairly authentic at first glance (certainly enough to convince most causal users) but the wording, use of smileys (nothing like my mate at all) made it fairly clear it wasn't from him. That and it being posted in exactly the same manner on six of our mutual mates walls....

      Ah well. You live and learn...

      Steven R

  4. Andy Hards
    Paris Hilton


    they can get rid of those 'see who's been checking out your profile' apps and emails that I seem to get about 10 of a week.

  5. Select * From Handle

    This totaly made my weekend.

    i seen a few people on my friends list who had clicked this and they must have clicked alow, over the weekend made me laugh so much. i even then said what dodgy websites have you lot been visiting to which a blondy replyed "it wasnt me it was a hacker". LOL

  6. Anonymous Coward

    The times they are a'changin'

    So instead of going "I'm on Linux so I'm secure" I can now say "I'm on MySpace/Orkut/Friendster so I'm secure"? Marvellous. The wonders of modern technology.

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