back to article Can you give to charity and cost Microsoft money?

Microsoft Europe's spinmeister-general Peter Devery is swapping the flatlands of Reading for a 1,000 mile bike trip along the length of the UK. Starting in John O'Groats in Scotland, Pete will pedal till he runs out of road at Land's End. The arse-testing 1,010 mile jaunt should take eight nine days and Peter hopes to spend no …


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  1. SuperTim

    it wont cost M$ a penny.

    As they will just deduct it from their tax burden due to it being a charitabl donation.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So what?

      The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation gave over $3Bn dollars to charity in 2009. They are clearly doing it off their own backs and not for the financial rewards associated with donating a little to charity.

      You Dick.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re : So what?

        Whilst I'm glad that it's being given to worthy causes you have to remember how the profits where accumulated originally.

        1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

          Oh noes!

          He sold software! That bastard! If he were an oil company exec or a mafia don or something like that, I could see your hate, but let's try to keep some perspective.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        That would have been nice iff..

        If he did not go and advocate for usage of Windows in schools against open source and a few others. Which he has defintiely done when "giving" on behalf of the foundation at least in India and Eastern Europe.

        Timeo Danae Et Dona Ferentes...

  2. jonathanb Silver badge


    I've seen reports that some credit card companies treat just giving donations as cash advances and charge vast fees and interest on them. It is probably safer to use a debit card or check with your card company before using the site.

    1. Richard 120
      Thumb Down


      F*ck me that's evil.

  3. Number6

    Demo Version

    Of course, the demo version is a man on a bike doing the trip in nine days. In reality, he'll be in a car, and every few miles it'll stop, he'll get out, get back in again, wait a few minutes and then set off again. At some point he'll have to return to the start with a new release candidate, with the final car capable of covering the entire distance available some time later, but definitely longer than nine days.

    PS - Good luck!

  4. Natalie Gritpants

    Weird motives

    Best way to give to charity is time or cash to a local charity. Time is better.

    Don't do this just because you hate Microsoft. They get more publicity from every pound raised. And every pound raised costs them 50p (tax deductible). Just donate £1 to your own beer fund - you will feel better.

    1. NogginTheNog

      Killjoy bugger!

      I think the achievement is the guy cycling the length of the country (good one!). The donation matching by MS is just a little bit of extra from his employer.

      Hells bells some people...

  5. grumbs

    Jeremy Linter

    We are also doing this bike ride, check out our ride at

    if you are feeling generous also sponsor us as well, our ride is for the British Heart Foundation and BIBIC, you can do this from our website.

  6. Joe K

    Can i get a plug in too?

    Unilever are matching my donations, but the billion-earning chemico-food-mega-corp will only match mine up to £500 :-(

    Oh well, every little helps, chaps and chapesses.

  7. Dan P

    A whole £3k?!

    Wow, that's really gonna hurt Microsoft!

  8. The BigYin


    I think people have done that before. He best be careful that there isn't a patent on using a mechanical contrivance to traverse the length of a country.

    And MS batter be careful there isn't a patent on the process of shifting tax burden to a not-for-profit cause up to a pre-determined threshold.

    Gotta watch those patents! They're the only thing that keeps the economy spinning (apparently).

  9. Skizz

    He'll reach Land's End in...

    nine days, no, 30 mintues, no, a month, make that 7 hours, now it's six days...

    1. Tim Bates

      Progress report continues...

      Ah crap - I think he's just locked up... The wheels aren't moving anymore.

      Hang on... He's just flashed blue and gone back to the starting line...

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Not exactly a good deal.

    How about for every 1% of my earnings (after tax) I donate, Microsoft donate 1% of their earnings (after tax). That seems more fair.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Lots of companies do this, matching what their employees give, it's a good thing. Rather than complaining about the ones who don't give as much as you want, what about complaining about the ones who do sod all in the way of charity. (I didn't have any company in mind when I started typing, but a certain golden delicious one in silicon valley may want to take note)

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      98 more me toos needed

      I like it... If there were another 98 of us then MS could become a major force for good!

  11. Eddie Johnson

    Aren't They Generous

    Given the disparity in our (mine and Microsoft's) incomes, MS should match me about 500:1.

    Then, I would think they were actually doing something good. As it stands, not so much.

  12. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge


    If Pete's ride progresses in the same manner as a Microsoft product installation, it will appear to go smoothly at first, but then he'll slow down and freeze just before the finish line.

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