back to article Apple opens international iPad store ahead of rollout

Apple has opened the iPad section of the iTunes app store for business outside the United States - kinda, sorta. Previously, iPads not being on sale yet anywhere other than the US, the iPad just wouldn't let you log into the app store directly unless you had a US iTunes account. Now it will, although in various respects the non- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    The name's iWork, not iWorks. Get it right!

    1. Myopic Aardvark

      Did you mean iDork?

      I laughed

  2. Aaron Fothergill

    in app purchase

    You've been able to buy iPad apps via the UK app store since the US one went live (if you searched for them by name) but more importantly you can now use in-app purchases on a UK account.

  3. The_Police!
    Thumb Up


    ha ha!

  4. James Foster


    Who gives a crap? People that buy the iPad will encounter 1D ten t user errors.

    1. Omar Marquez
      Gates Horns


      You're such a jealous douchenozzle.

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