back to article Google TV: Android and Chrome on your boob tube

The Mountain View Chocolate Factory has unveiled the long-expected Google TV, an Android-based settop platform designed to meld the web with your boob tube. The platform will eventually be open sourced, and the idea is to put it on myriad settops. "It's about how to make the web and TV better," Google's Rishi Chandra said this …


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  1. Natalie Gritpants Silver badge

    You don't know what a boob tube is do you?

    The post is required, and must contain letters.

  2. Anthony Shortland

    haha murdoch

    silly silly man messing with google. say goodbye to your print and tv businesses all in one go.

  3. Samuel Walker

    And how long

    Until they do add the Nexus One bit?

  4. Tom 35

    More info for Google?

    I assume it will phone home with info on everything you watch so google will have even more info about you to sell to advertisers.

    1. JShel
      Big Brother


      Someone start putting together the hack so we can disable the Google monitors when our providers force these on us.

      That and some masking tape over he camera lens (they will of course need to track your eye movements to bill for hits)

    2. Ammaross Danan


      Nah, the search bar will probably be Google-server driven, thus not able to be blocked for lookup at the very least. Of course, even TiVO phones home to report usage. This sort of datamine is right up Google's alley. I just hope that the Advert at the top of my Gmail inbox will start having lines like "You haven't set the new series premiere of Haven to record yet!!!! Click HERE to have it record automatically!"

  5. Pablo
    Paris Hilton


    They could call it Web-TV!

  6. Cliff

    That's *so* yesterday...

    "The platform is based on Android 2.1, and it includes Google's Chrome browser with an Adobe Flash 10.1 plug-in. After all, you'll need Flash for YouTube."

    A day is a long time in open sourcing of formerly closed video codecs...

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. John Lewis 4
    Big Brother

    Google finally make 1984 comes true

    Yes, the TV will be watching YOU!

  9. Llanfair

    Google Box

    Also known as a goggle box

  10. The Original Steve


    Looks like Windows Media Centre installed onto an appliance...

    I'll come back when there's something new....

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother


    "It's about how to make the web and TV better," lied Google's Rishi Chandra.

    What he meant to say:

    "It's about how we can steal more personal user data so we can sell people better" said Google's Rishi Chandra in an unexpectedly honest fashion.

  12. Seanie Ryan


    when will Google stop trying to be Apple, Microsoft and every other company they think is "cool"

    should have stuck to what you are good at lads... this could be a house of cards you are building

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