back to article Megan Fox exits Transformers 3

Fans of Michael Bay's Transformers will have do without the charms of Megan Fox for the franchise's third outing, since the 24-year-old actress has either been dumped or has declined to participate, depending on whose side you prefer to take. Some reports suggest Fox was given her marching orders following a series of personal …


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  1. Scottie Taylor

    not about acting

    Ummm, duh? We all knew that anyway. There's no real acting in either of the movies. It's slapstick stupidity coupled with Michael Bay's fan-wanking the military. The movies are utter crap and I've said so since I saw the first one in theaters.

    Fox was nothing more than eye-candy anyway so it's not like she was of critical importance to the movie. I'd say to the story but hell, there really isn't much of that. Though really I think she's better off away from them. She might find a decent movie to attach too now.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      "Fox was nothing more than eye-candy anyway so it's not like she was of critical importance to the movie"

      So what else was of critical importance, the story??

    2. Chris Thomas Alpha
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      well, it's not quite like that

      well, I liked the movies, but because I see them for what they are, a real life version of the cartoons, which if you remember, were very simplistic, I think everyone now things movies have got to have amazing plots, subplots, great dialog, etc, if you watch the cartoons, you'll find the movies are just like that, but in real life, with better graphics. I'm sure if I gave you yourself a pen and paper and told you to write a movie about robots, you'd come up with something just as good, so it's not like what they've done is goundbreaking, I dont mean that to insult you either, just that, it's very simplistic and for people who don't expect much, it works.

      as for megan fox, she did have and was of critical importance, but for one important fact, most of the "kids" they were trying to bring into the movie weren't born when transformers was on TV, or were so young, didnt have any connection with it, megan's job was to make all of those kids who might not go to watch it because it's about stupid robots and not about men with guns, is to get their dicks hard so they rush the cinema when it comes out.

      mission successful I think? but thats the only reason I can think she was in the film to begin with

      1. Shadowthrone
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        @ Chris Thomas Alpha

        Erm, the Michael Bay films are NOTHING like the cartoon. The original plot was totally keel-hauled, the "all spark" is an absolute farce. The focus of the film is on the humans and their interations where as the focus of the cartoons was on the Transformers themselves, the humans were merely set pieces and part of the furniture for the most part. A plot device at best, namely something Megatron could use to manipulate the Autobots.

        I have had to look at the Bay films as a totally different franchise completely dis-associated from "Transformers" as possible to derive any real enjoyment from the films. I spend most of the first film praying a Decepticon would just rip off Sam's head and have done with it.

        Their handling of the "Matrix of Leadership" in the second film was attrocious. The Matrix or "Creation Matrix" to give it it's real name was the life essense of Primus the God of the Transformers, who's body formed Cybertron. It was used to give life to new Transformers and to act as a weapon should Unicron (Primus' enemy, a dark God and sort-of brother) return.

        I guess having religon, Gods and powers for light/dark in the redux was too much for the modern world to accept so they instead went down the path of the "all spark" which pretty much destroyed the plot for me. Oh and killing off Jazz.....what was Bay THINKING!!!?!! Jazz was one of the most iconic autobots of the series, why not kill off bumblebee hell he died at least twice in the Marvel comic book line of the 80s anyway.

  2. Chris Collins


    So we are left with the depth and range of LeBuff's mighty talent? I think Bumblebee is Gielgud to his Olivier. The second one was utter shite and sequels don't get better. Apart from Critters. Even seeing Fox's minge as she gets out of some sports car would not draw my interest.

  3. Si 1

    Bayformers is utter crap

    Whether the next film has the talentless Ms Fox wandering around looking orange and sweaty or not, it's still going to be another pointless film from a director that couldn't direct traffic.

    1. Shakje

      It's like one step worse than Alien Resurrection

      Joss Whedon said:

      "It wasn't a question of doing everything differently, although they changed the ending; it was mostly a matter of doing everything wrong. They said the lines...mostly...but they said them all wrong. And they cast it wrong. And they designed it wrong. And they scored it wrong. They did everything wrong that they could possibly do. There's actually a fascinating lesson in filmmaking, because everything that they did reflects back to the script or looks like something from the script, and people assume that, if I hated it, then they’d changed the script...but it wasn’t so much that they’d changed the script; it’s that they just executed it in such a ghastly fashion as to render it almost unwatchable."

      With the Transformers films the script is pap as well. I actually liked the first film, but that's just because it was Transformers, and I'd probably like a turd if it made the noise. Although seeing as that is what the second film was, maybe that's wrong..

  4. Ben Rosenthal

    if every single person

    involved in the previous two left, then and only then might I consider doing anything but snorting in derision at it merest mention.

    I hope I didn't sound too bitter there, I held back all I could!

  5. alphaxion

    wait, what?

    Uh, I'm sorry but I don't recall her being in the only Transformers movie since she wasn't even born when it was being made. ;)

    Those Michael Bay efforts? That's not Transformers, hell even the Go-Bots are embarassed about those things!

    1. DavCrav


      The original had Eric Idle, Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy in it. This new thing had Jon Voight and some kids in it. No contest really.

      1. Jack Garnham
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        RE: Original.

        "The original had Eric Idle, Orson Welles and Leonard Nimoy in it. This new thing had Jon Voight and some kids in it. No contest really."

        Don't forget Judd Nelson!!!

        With regards to Megan Fox and the Bay Transformers films - not bad to watch with the kids, although my 8 year old still prefers the '84 animated original. Probably because I forced him to watch it, along with Flight of the Navigator and Short Circuit - all my childhood faves! Megan's 5 minute slo-mo running sequence in the dersert towards the end of the 2nd film shall remain the highlight of her Transformers endeavour for me thus far.

  6. bobbles31

    Who keeps stumping up the cash?

    These films are like a litmus test of the public's stupidity.

    They release one every so often to find out just how large the gullible portion of the population is that will likely buy iPads and Nintendo Wiis.

    Unfortunately, the test keeps showing that there is a ready supply of rabid consumers willing to shell out for something that has a sufficiently large marketing budget.

    I weep for the future of mankind, I truly weep.

    1. Radelix

      I did

      Knowing full well that the movie (refuse to call them films)'s would be total crap. Here is the general feeling:

      Me: Why did you see Transformers?

      Person: To watch cars turn into robots and beat the crap out of each other.

      Me: what did you think of the story/plot?

      Person: Megan Fox is not a story/plot.


  7. bobbles31


    Thanks for the pic and the warning I have cancelled my pre-order.


  8. Anonymous Coward

    I think..

    the phrase "Transformers 3 is slated" should be "Transformers 3 will be/was slated" because as sure as shite stinks, so did transformers 1 and 2.

  9. Thomas 4

    Recent comments from the other guy

    ...about how they had lost their way with the second one and were going to give the humans more screen time in third just go to show that this franchise was in entirely the wrong hands. I often described the first as being "American Pie with a few robots in" due to the unwelcome and unecessary human presence in it.

    Transformers, from its glory days in cartoon form ot the festering CGI crap it is now should *always* first and foremost, be about huge robots beating the shit out of each other with huge explosions going on. Anything else is an irrelevance.

    If they'd put in the hands of Roland Emmerich (he of Day After Tomorrow and 2012 fame), I think it would have done better. Granted, there'd still be a fairly crappy human story behind it but the scenes with the actual Transformers in would have been a billion times better.

  10. MinionZero

    Pass the popcorn ...

    With any film by Michael Bay you know you are not going there for the story. He isn't a story teller, its endless eye candy overload to make up for a lack of much story. Its a popcorn movie, but I still enjoy popcorn movies, its just I'm also happy thats not the only kind of movie, because I do like to use my brain as well. (I would say however I really would like to see a more intelligent Transformers movie but I guess there is little hope of that the way many film funding companies control things these days, as they sadly try to dumb things down).

    As for no Megan Fox, ok so what. Its not like she is the hottest lead actress in history. I can think of many who are much better than she is in personality, acting ability and looks.

  11. HFoster


    1. Transformers was originally a cartoon made to sell toys.

    2. The animated movie was a continuation thereof.

    3. The newer cartoons were made to sell the newer Transformers toys to a new generation.

    4. Michael Bay's Transformers movies are pretty much a marketing tool for even newer toys to an even newer generation.

    5. So the fuck what?

    6. It's a popcorn movie about giant fucking robots, a slack-jawed teenager and his sexy trailerpark trash girlfriend - stop making out they destroyed a Dostoevsky novel by putting Paris Hilton and Ryan Seacrest in it.


    1. T-Unit
      Thumb Up

      Could have put it better myself

      This is spot on. I was a kid, I loved the cartoon and I wanted the toys. Now I am an adult (physically at least) and the movies are entertaining and look fantastic with decent CGI and action sequences. I don't exactly walk out of the cinema challenging my perceptions, contemplating human mortality or feeling emotionally drained but I do think "well that was pretty kick ass, Megan Fox is hot, whats for dinner" and there is nothing wrong with that

    2. frymaster

      what he said

      it's just an action movie. if they'd filmed it in 3d and coloured everyone blue it would have been avatar. It's a nice way to spend an afternoon with your mates before hitting the pubs, and it's fine for that

      do I look back on it as one of the highlights of my cinema-going life? nope

      do I look back on it as a disapointment? nope, it's exactly what everyone know it would be, and it's _fine_ like that

  12. The_Police!

    Thank you Lester

    for the pic! :)

  13. Ben Rosenthal


    I got bought one of those as a present once, needless to say the errant relative was cast out like some wrong merchandise buying leper!

    although I secretly used to watch them too >.<

  14. This post has been deleted by its author

  15. Glyn 2


    I refer the right honourable gentleman to this which sets out what's wrong with it perfectly


  16. Libertine


    there goes the last reason to watch the next abomination ....

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On the upside, Megan can now move on to other projects

    better suited to her acting skills.

    1. frymaster
      Paris Hilton

      you mean...

    2. Kevin 6

      only project I can think of are


      That is about all the acting skill she actually has, and even that is a stretch for her skill.

  18. Graham Jordan


    I'm looking forward to this like I am a good dose of the clap. Mind, saying that, anything Bay does makes me violant.

    That first scene in the second movie where Prime jumps out the plane, why the fuck do you insist on stupid as camera rotations where you can't see what the fuck is going off?

    Your style of filming is appaling. If I met a woman who sweated the way Fox did in both movies I'd send her to the doctors, it's unhealthy.

    Still, I'd smash her backdoor in any day of the week.

  19. Big Bear

    RE: Crybabies

    True, but the original simplistic cartoons were far better in terms of stories with properly fleshed out characters. Look at that abomination that is the new Bumblebee - the original had a weapons index of 1 when you slapped that red see-thru plastic thing over his stats. He was one of the core characters as he used his brain to defeat the Decepticons, unlike the new one who seems to have the street-talking skills of Jazz, the sleek looks of Sidewinder, and the gunnery skills of Blue Streak!!! The problem is that none of them seem to have proper roles - while in the old days even though the majority of them were warriors, they still had distinct personalities and strengths or weaknesses: Prowl was overanalytical, Ironhide was stuck in his ways, Jetfire was uncertain, Mirage was hurt in the sixth comic and never really seen again!

    I think part of the problem is that none of the new transformers are easily identifiable anymore (apart from Optimus); a problem not helped by Bay's rutting monkey style of camerawork!!

    Having said all that, I'll probably still watch the movie, but most likely not until it comes onto the telly or my wee cousin gets the DVD. Being disappointed at the movies is such a letdown: NOT HAVING THE HOBBITS KILL THE WITCHKING? THAT'S THE WHOLE F***ING POINT OF THE SERIES...

    1. HFoster

      public boolean compare(apple, orange);

      As I said before, Transformers is, always has been, and always shall be a glorified ad campaign for Japanese toys.

      It's not a much-loved work of literature that has captivated generations. Its entire raison d'etre is to make kids say, "Mummy! Daddy! I WANT THAT FOR CHRISTMAS/MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!" and then make a fuckload of cash for Hasbro (or is it Mattel?).

      And if you really don't like a film, just don't (pay to) watch it. This includes not watching it on the BBC (you pay your license fee, you contribute to their budget for movies and shows).

      Exceptions to the rule include Twilight, which should be scourged from the face of the Earth with hellfire.

      1. Glyn 2

        Baweep granaweep ninnybong

        Coming from dubious source material is not an excuse for overlooking basic tenents of film making and story structure. You can make a good movie out of anything, ever read the book the Godfather is based on? It's not that good, give it to Francis Ford Copella and he makes it into one of the greatest films of all time.

        Bonfire of the vanities is regarded as one of the most important books of the modern age, they made it into a movie with Tom Hanks and it sucked.

        "Dude it's just a toy commercial" Fine, so were the series and the comics and they at least rose to the level of decent pulp sci-fi, it's not unreasonable to ask a 200 million dollar feature film to be at least as good as that.

  20. Rogerborg

    A fatal blow

    Fox is simply irreplaceable, unless by some miracle they trawl the cheap diners and discount clothing stores of Los Angeles to find another unknown skanky looking foul tempered egotistical tramp with bouncy funbags who can't act but will do anything - and I mean anything - for her big break.

  21. Alpha Tony

    'Fans of Michael Bay's Transformers will have do without the charms of Megan Fox'

    Frankly anyone who is 'a fan' having watched the first two has much bigger problems than this and should probably seek some professional help.

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Tramp-Formers... Bimbos in Desguise

    so she was finally carted off site...

    God! that took long enough.

    Paris...cos she knows where and when to stamp on a tramp!

  23. multipharious

    Slow Motion Megan Fox

    Why didn't Bay just have her on a trampoline? I wish Megan the best of luck, and she ought to have better roles than ones where she is merely a gratuitous, obviously drawn out, slow motion spectacle...

    If it was her decision then it was a good one. If it wasn't then it was a good one for her.

  24. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD
    Thumb Up


    This story is just a ploy to post up a picture of a good looking bird...

    I approve.

    Do continue.

  25. justkyle

    Re: About the Toys

    Back in the day, the japanese toys were the cat's meow.

    The gobots may have been made in Malaysia.

    Now, the toys are even more expensive, and made in China, and aren't near as durable.

    You should have seen the look on my kid's face when I gave him what was left of my first set.

    "Where can you buy these Dad?"

  26. Mr Larrington


    "Fans of Michael Bay's Transformers"

    What, BOTH of them?

  27. William Towle


    ...Fox off?

  28. TimeMaster T
    Thumb Up

    Why I liked Transformers

    Optimus Prime


    cool CGI

    While I enjoyed some of the Human/Transformer interactions they could have made the movie without any Humans and I still would have liked it, actually i think I would have preferred it.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    Who cares if Megan Fox is a talentless "actress"? If she's slutty trailer trash then i want some. To paraphrase Walter - "Virgins? give me sluts that know what the hell they're doing"

    New keyboard....well with a picture like that, i'll need one - Sticky keys anyone?

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