back to article O2 to release Palm pair on iPad day

O2 has followed its exclusive on the Palm Pre with the new Pre Plus and Pixi Plus smartphones, the telco said today. Both handsets will be available on the network on 28 May. Trying for an iPad spoiler, O2? We can't see the Palm phones drawing quite as much interest as the Apple tablet, but Palm buffs will look forward to the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    right, oh, wait, what


  2. SuperTim

    not really competing though are they

    If you want a smartphone you are not going to buy an ipad though are you? Not unless you want to look like a complete twunt.

  3. chriswakey
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    I've only just got a normal Pre.

    Oh well, can't complain, it's a cracking phone.

  4. Jimmy Floyd
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    Good luck to 'em

    As I recall, price was the sticking point in El Reg's reviews. Hopefully a bit of operator subsidisation can bring this up.

    The more the world realises how much better alternatives to the iPhone are the better.

    1. My New Handle

      @Good luck to 'em

      "The more the world realises how much better alternatives to the iPhone are the better."

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      That is all.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    you get what you pay for...

    if you want smart get an iPhone, otherwise you will look at wannabe

    1. Geoff Campbell

      @AC 11:12


      Some people like iPhones. Some don't. What's the problem?


  6. Anonymous Coward

    Exclusive - pah!

    I'm still waiting (credit card in hand) to buy a UK spec Pre unlocked...

  7. ThomH Silver badge

    Could have been a contender

    Probably shouldn't have spent all those man hours and PR capital on trying to reverse engineer a connection to iTunes and shouting ballyhoo only to be told they were in the wrong by the USB Implementers Forum and to frequently leave their customers for weeks at a time without one of the advertised and most used ways to sync music. If you're going to run up against an industry giant, make sure your case is watertight.

    Fingers crossed the HP tablet turns out to be fantastic.

    1. chriswakey

      Oh yes.

      "Fingers crossed the HP tablet turns out to be fantastic."

      If they fully develop and use the already excellent WebOS, then I can't see it being anything fantastic (hopefully leave it easy to get to dev mode too, like it is on the Pre)

      Oh, and pull their collective fingers out and give us the long awaited Flash plugin too.

  8. Thomas 4

    Pre shmee....

    Bring back the Tungsten T3 already!

  9. James Pickett


    "can't see the Palm phones drawing quite as much interest as the Apple tablet"

    Not can I, even though they are actually useful and affordable. Such is hype...

  10. James Pickett


    Nice phone, shame about the name. Does 'Pixi' sound more serious in the US?

  11. James Pickett

    Old apps

    Does anyone know if these phones will run old PalmOS apps? I had a feeling that an emulator (another app, perhaps!) was available, but no idea if it's built in...

    1. chriswakey

      They do

      using the Classic emulator.

  12. James Foster


    I would have liked to have seen Nokia buy Palm for WebOS. Symbian does not have a future in high end phones, tablets, netbooks etc. Meego is going to competing against iPhone OS 4, WP7, Android 3. A more mature WebOS with the best possible Nokia hardware engineering would have been something.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    odd choice of day even though they are directly competing

    While they aren't competitors it does seem an odd day to choose to launch them since the majority of gadget attention will be on the "magical" ipad, maybe o2 are trying to avoid the grumbling of people who had only just bought the standard versions.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    It seems like Palm want to fail.

    You have to wonder if Palm are trying to fail in the UK. They announced the Pre on the only UK network at the time to have the Iphone, and the one with the worst 3G coverage. If they had managed to get ANY other network to carry the phone (or made it easily available SIM free) they'd have sold shed loads to people that didn't want an iPhone or O2....

    ...and now they launch again on O2... The network that would be my last choice for a data-centric device. Get this out on a non-iphone selling network such as 3 or T-Mobile and it would be a sure winner.

    I seriously was going to buy a Palm Pre before the iPhone became openly available but couldn't find one SIM free. Anywhere.

    It's almost as if they're trying to fail in the most spectacular way or something.

  15. JD Evora

    They are a good complement...

    They include Mobile hotspot.

    That means that you can share you data connection with up to 5 wifi devices.

    Perfect for the non-3G iPad ins't it?

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