back to article SUSE Linux 11 gets first service pack

Commercial Linux distributor Novell is hoping that the delivery of the first service pack update for its SUSE Linux 11 operating system for servers and desktops will give the software a bump. And not just because SP1 has support for lots of new hardware. According to Kerry Kim, senior product marketing manager at Novell in …


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  1. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Always wait for X.1

    Waiting for the first update is always a good business strategy. Nearly as good as not upgrading unless you absolutely have to. Apart from meaning you don't commit to a turkey that doesn't even last long enough to get to it's first update, it means there's a fair chance the worst bugs will be fixed, too.

    Most software development is a race to the first release. Getting the new stuff into the hands of the reviewers is far more important to suppliers than making sure the people who would actually buy it (or even download it for free) get a decent, reliable and usable solution. After all, it's not as if a reviewer has the time to fully explore every feature or test every piece of hardware it claims to support.

    So taking the brand new, hot off the DVD presses, product is often a step onto the path of debugging the product for the supplier, as well as being the schmuck who pays full price, before the discounted marketing kicks in to further punish loyal customers and early adopters.

    1. Lars Silver badge

      Speaking about Microsoft

      I hope, then again, who knows.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Makes Only Marketing Sense

    For an OS that is constantly updating this makes no practical sense. You can achieve the same objective by delaying install and then installing the original version and then upgrading all packages.

    I guess the Service Pack thing works for Microsoft so we have to assume it make marketing senst that it will work with Suse also. But then again if you are implementing linux in the Enterprise I suspect that you would be one who cares less about hype.

  3. JP19
    Thumb Up

    Release notes

    Although the Novell release notes hasn't been updated, you can just tweak the urls provided there to find the release notes

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