back to article Google readies Chrome OS web app store

Google is launching an online app store for web applications. Its upcoming Chrome Web Store will be available through its Chrome web browser and Chrome OS, the upcoming netbook operating system based on the browser. Google vice president of product management Sunder Pichai announced the store this morning at Google I/O, the …


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  1. Craig 12


    With this and mobile phone 'marketplaces', are people going to make websites any more? You know, the things that can work on every device with net access.

  2. vic 4
    Thumb Up

    are people going to make websites any more

    A lot of the apps in these stores are just front ends to web sites/web services.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    This story reminds me...

    ... of the IPhone recipe.

    Create some shit, fire up the marketing spin and then let developers do the work of making everything look and feel kewl, even if it ain't.

    Personally I wouldn't thouch Chrome OS with your pooter/router - let alone mine ;)

    It's OK, I'm on my way out of the door...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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