back to article German cybercrime forum hacked

An underground cybercrime forum has been hacked, with once walled-off information uploaded onto file-sharing networks. The attack on German e-crime site has led to the wider disclosure of stolen credit card details and passwords from victims along with data on the forum's criminal denizens. A database file …


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  1. Gabor Laszlo

    Feel the burn :D

    The post is required, and must contain letters.

  2. hexx
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    is not p2p network

    1. Anonymous Coward


      WHat that guy said.

  3. mark?

    Rapidshare = p2p?

    "have been uploaded in three separate files onto to the Rapidshare P2P network"

    since when has Rapidshare been a P2P network?

  4. James Woods

    yeah rapidshare is owned by level3

    not really but level3 is a large host of it and refuses to comment or do anything in regards to the vast amount of known warez on it's servers.

    if your a rapidshare user you now know that if you visit a rapidshare url to a file that has been removed for reported piracy your then taken to a store ran by rapidshare to buy stuff.

    so rapidshare setup a store to deal with people hitting dead copyright links. This means they are aware warez is being uploaded to it's servers in an uncontrolled manner and instead of just taking down the material, have decided it's a money-maker.

    im not against any of these file sharing sites, but this one knowingly hosts warez and is now profiting from it.

    and what, a hackers website gets hacked, perhaps they should cry about it like mr super hacker did when his hosts dumped him.

  5. irish donkey
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    Robin Hood Robin Hood Riding Through The Glen......

    thats all...

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