back to article Mozy backs up cloud backup with hard-drive storage

EMC-owned cloud storage outfit Mozy will become significantly less cloudy with plans to include local backup in its next release. Mozy v2.0 for Windows will backup to local hard drives as well as to the cloud, recognising that cloud backup and restore can take a long time. Abandoning a purely cloud-based model is a bit of a …


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  1. James 5
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    Sounds sensible to me...

    Whilst it's nice to have an off-site back-up somewhere "out there" I'm afraid I prefer to know that I also have backups on-site (and several copies). I suspect "clouds" may prove exactly what their real ones are: ephemeral, changing and insubstantial.

  2. jtaylor
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    Catching up

    As big as Mozy are, this leads me to wonder if they're feeling pressure from integrated online/offline backup services like CrashPlan.

    It would be nice to see more competition in that market.

    1. Shingo Tamai


      If you decide to backup your entire hard drive, CrashPlan will hash all your files on a regular basis trashing the hard drive.

      Also every removable file will be "infected" by several index files/BDs.

      Not really nice.

  3. TeamEvil

    No NAS

    No mention of backing up to a NAS then?

    1. frank ly

      NAS is great, but

      Well, a NAS is fine until your house burns down. Then, even your independent backup drive wouldn't be much use to you (unless it's stored 'off-site'). It all depends on how important and irreplaceable you consider your data to be.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Cloud backup

    Surely this points to the biggest problem with the magic of the cloud - most connections have shit upstreams...

    For example, I spent the weekend taking pictures - around 8GB worth. A lot of these were photoshoped and saved as PSDs, as well as a JPEG copy for printing out. In total there is about 16GB of data I need to back up.

    I can use a 1.5TB external drive over USB or I can squirt my data to the cloud. Considering I am luckly to get a 256kb/s upload speed, which is a realistic option?

    Likewise in an emergency I can recover my data off the USB drive at 12Mbps or I can download it from the internet at 3Mbps. Hard choice....

  5. James Cooke
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    A bit of both

    As always onsite and offsite is best. Onsite for quick recovery and a bit of protection from dissapearing clouds while offsite for the theft/flood/fire scenarios.

    I'd wager though that for personal customers online backup even run by Microsofts Sidekick team is a damn site more reliable than occasionally remembering to plug a USB drive in.

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