back to article UK iPad ship date slips

Looking forward to picking up an Apple iPad when it goes on sale here at the end of this month? If you're planning to put in an advance order, you may have a little longer to wait. Apple's UK online store is now saying the "magical" gadget may not ship to pre-order punters for more than a week after the iPad goes on sale. Due …


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  1. Tim Hale 1

    Negative much?

    That's not a 'slip' then, is it? They have n units available for launch, they have preorders for =>n units. Therefore, any new orders will need to be satisifed as part of a later shipment.

    This also chips away at the 'UK not buying iPad' story of yesterday. Unless the initial shipment of units was only of about ten or something and we won;t know that until they release the sales figures.

  2. Roger Williams

    I'm not so sure

    My order still says:

    Estimated Shipping: Delivers by May 28th

    I think they've just reached the point where FURTHER orders will arrive on the 7th.

    To me it implies they're selling well

  3. Leigh Smith
    Jobs Halo

    Mine is still good for the 28th

    Called up today to check on my order (not triggered by this, it was an non-delivery matter) and I was informed that my order was on course to be delivered by the 28th. Sounds to me like new pre-orders will be June 7th because of a high number of pre-orders.

    I know you guys were worried I might not get my iPad in time for my Birthday but there is no need to panic just yet.

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge


    At least there may be a wifi fix by the time it gets here. Personally I think it will be the multitasking which will be worth waiting for.

  5. Dan 10

    Tony is going soft in his old age

    He mentioned the words 'fans' without the silly-sounding 'boi'

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sure about the reasons for the fleabay ones?

    I imagine there's more than one case of the novelty having worn off and regretting the money wasted on a glorified photo frame.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Isn't that phrase "glorified photo frame" a bit overused by now?

  7. Rupert Stubbs

    They can't be selling well...

    Everyone who reads El Reg [b]knows[/b] that all Apple products are overpriced bits of bling that could only appeal to blinkered Apple fanbois. I mean, you can't even see the zappy Flash ads that enhance so many web pages.

    So the only possible explanation is that Steve Jobs is deliberately restricting the number available to make it [b]appear[/b] that they're selling well. What a con artist!

    1. Tim Cook
      Jobs Horns

      Crafty old Steve

      He's probably buying them all himself to save face. He'll have a cupboard full of iPads stashed away at home, and probably a loft full of iPhones too. I mean, we all remember what a failure that was going to be, right?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        ... or maybe 'blend' them to save space ...

  8. Anonymous Coward

    Blasted crApple!

    Didn't order mine on Wednesday like I was going to, ordered it Thursday instead, and that 12 hour delay has put it back by just over a week. What's happening Apple, should be fairly simple to work out how many you need, and it's not like you haven't had loads of time to get them into the country.

    Mind you, at least it gives me more time to break it to wifey that I've just bought one for "development purposes" nudge nudge wink wink.

    AC, obviously....

  9. boingo

    my order still says 28th may

    Checked my order status which hasnt changed. I suspect the author has missed the obvious point that the first batch have been allocated. June 7th is probably the date for the next major shipment arriving.

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: my order still says 28th may

      The author hasn't missed the point about allocations - that's what the story says.


    2. boingo


      fair do's... reading the article again I see I misread it - I thought it was saying already ordered iPads had slipped to June.

  10. Monkey

    I'm no Apple fan...

    ... I simply buy what suits me best for what I need the object to do, but people can yell 'glorified this' and 'pointless that' all they want, just like they did when the iphone was first launched, Apple have a habit of releasing key products that give other manufacturers a kick up the arse.

    Who pays for that ultimately? We do. But nobody makes you.

    I hate ipods and iphones for quite legitimate reasons (and yes I have used them), but I love my HTC Desire and if it wasn't for the iphone I wouldn't be using a phone so refined as the Desire is. I'm man enough to acknowledge that.

    I won't use anything but A Macbook Pro for recording and editing music as the software is second to none. But think it's left wanting by my cheapo-mart Windows laptop for day to day sheer flexibility.

    I don't moan about it though. Why? Because it was my choice to buy the Macbook.

    Same with the ipad… if someone wants one then it’s their prerogative and they shouldn’t be slagged off for their product choice simply by default if it works for them.

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