back to article Salesforce extends 'sympathy' to Microsoft on Office launch

A senior EMEA director at has claimed Microsoft Office "sucks productivity" just as the software giant gears up for the launch of its latest version this afternoon. Tim Barker declared that Salesforce has no intention of moving into the productivity suite crowd currently occupied by Microsoft. Barker, who is …


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  1. lglethal Silver badge

    Hold on a minute!

    How come they get to take wine on the London Eye??? When my friends and i tried to hire a group pod to have a picnic and enjoy the view, we were told in no uncertain terms that there was a ZERO alcohol policy on the Eye...

    One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us, i guess... b*stards!

    1. Andy ORourke


      Book the Champagne Capsule:

      Or the Pimms Capsule:

      Or the Wine Capsule:

      Or the Chocolate Capsule:

  2. Jay Jaffa

    Lacking any kind of future Direction

    The reality is that Microsoft, despite their billions and huge development capability, are a spent force. They're devoid of new ideas, a coherent strategy or an kind of relevant future in the consumer space - which will inevitably drive the business decisions of the future. It's happening to Nokia in the same way - Google and Apple's time has yet to arrive - despite their huge presence today they're set for even greater growth and relevance.

    It's hardly surprising when you compare CEOs - Sergey, Larry, Steve Jobs on the once side - Steve Ballmer on the other. Creativity is hardly flowing down from above in Washington.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    I work with Salesforce pretty much every day as I work for one of their largest corporate customers.

    The reporting and dashboard functionality is the biggest POS I have ever seen in my life.

    I mean seriously - It has wasted months of my life. So - Forgive me if I find this bozo's comments a little rich!

  4. NTidd
    IT Angle


    So when are they going to fix the damn toolbar so it will actually run in Office 2010? I guess when they tout "NO SOFTWARE" they mean it.

  5. invictuz

    Tim Barker or the author is either clueless or intentionally misleading

    Without getting into details it is either intentionally misleading or simple ignorance to say:

    “Office sucks productivity out of people,” he claimed, and pointed out that the lack of collaboration in the desktop version of Microsoft’s flagship software"

    In addition to the "Desktop version" the "online" browser based versions of the Office apps (Word, Excel, etc..) offering collaboration services that can work as a small scale collabortive effort or tie into MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server) which IS specifically engineer as a robust, scalable enterprise collaboration service.

    After reading this article all i see is little pot-shots are MS.

    "whose customers might accuse the company of abandoning its roots" - This comment is baffling. How exactly would a company founded on innovation and technology that succeeds through agile and often industry leading adaptation of the "cutting edge" be accused of abandoning those very roots by embracing direction like cloud computing?

    The way this article reads has Barker as either a little insecure now that MS is developing solutions in the cloud space or a little jealous that that have the ability to come in a bit slower than Google but quickly ramp up to a position ahead of them.

    Maybe talking about how Salesforce solution benefit the customer or how its going to restore that productivity that Office sucked out would have been a better way to waste space.


    No collaboration?

    Ok office can suck the proverbial nuts at times however, it is generally very good and what it was designed for. Yes we're sick of spending hours in powerpoint presentations but if we are talking collaboration then add sharepoint and you can have very good collaboration... add dynamics in to the mix and you've a full back to front-end CRM so I’m not quite sure where his point is... If it's in regards to cloud based services then yes, MS are late to the game but let’s see how it pans out in the next couple of years, after all, apple never used to make phones...

    Author note: I hate apple and salesforce, so yeah I’m biased... whatever, time for a drink!

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Balls to salesfarce

    get with the open source crowd. Mix up Sugar CRM with a bit of Asterisk, bung in a pinch of Knowledgetree wrapped in parcel of Drupal / Joomla - loverly

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