back to article Microsoft U-turns on WebKit extension for Mobile IE

The Microsoft team building Internet Explorer for Windows Phone 7 has U-turned on plans to add an extension from WebKit to their browser. The company will only offer a Microsoft-specific prefix to scale text using the next CSS in its mobile phone browser, and it won't add support for the -webkit-text-size-adjust CSS selector …


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  1. Len

    Not a big deal

    Considering the problem is not that it is a vendor-prefix but that it is a vendor-prefix from another vendor (out of the control of the MS team that builds the IE engine) this can be easily solved. The IE team can just use the exact same implementation as the Webkit team but call it -MS-text-size-adjust.

    1. Argh

      In the linked blog post...

      They said they'd already done that.

  2. Vincent Rice

    MS get it wrong when trying to be nice.

    Well who would want to be dependent on third party proprietary extensions like Flash? What? oops I mean webkit.

  3. lightweight

    MS: throw in the towel...

    Alternatively, MS could just do what it should've done years ago and dump its trident rendering engine (which is behind the IE6-9 and, I assume, this Win mob IE) altogether and adopt a real, standards compliant (and then some) rendering engine built by the open source community like Webkit or Gecko. Doing so would immediately remove their massive functionality and web standards compliance deficit, and give them a chance of having a credible browser, which would be a big win for all involved.

    1. Atli


      It would even be a big win for Microsoft, seeing as they wouldn't have to keep burning cash to keep building the train-wreck that is trident.

      Microsoft!.. The code exists. It works. It's free. - Not to mention the massive surge of positive PR you would get for adopting it, and the positive effect it would have on the web as a whole... Why do you resist?

      Your all about an "open web" now, right? How about a "little" demonstration of that attitude?!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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