back to article Apple locks resellers out of iPad sales

Apple's iPad is available for pre-ordering, but only via Apple's own stores, not its retail partners. Even Apple's approved resellers are not allowed to take deposits or pre-orders from customers keen to try and lay hands on the genius-tablet. We were contacted by irritated Apple dealers, and passed on their questions to …


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  1. MacRat

    Soon to be

    Ex retailers

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    neutal reporting

    I don't think it is strictly necessary to refer to Apple's wild flailings at extending their ipod empire as "genius-tablet" or "historic boxes". I suppose I could understand the use of "historic", insofar as no phone or computer manufacturer has ever before released a device so uniquely devoid of features.


    maybe it IS "genius" after all! A genius business move that is unfettered by the needs of the consumer.

    1. as portable as iphone? No

    2. camera? No

    3. USB port, please? so i can plug in missing functionality? No

    4. running MacOSX? No

    5. cheap? definitely No.

    6. runs Flash? No

    7. works as a phone? No

    ipod Chunky might be a better name.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      here we go again...

      ...yet another "feature top trumps" game...

      1. as portable as iphone? Apple's market research sez this is irrelevant

      2. camera? Apple's market research sez this is irrelevant

      3. USB port, please? Apple's market research sez this is irrelevant

      4. running MacOSX? Just wrong

      5. cheap? definitely Apple's market research sez current price is what people will pay

      6. runs Flash? Market research sez this is irrelevant. Actually no...that's purely job's fault.

      7. works as a phone? Apple's market research sez this is irrelevant

      Guess what? All the features you want are irrelevant for the vast majority of the target market of the ipad. You want them - buy something else, but don't complain about it! If apple want to shoot themselves in the foot (in your opinion)....let them!

      Your points on Neutral report are valid though.

      1. JEDIDIAH

        Swimming in the cool-aid

        > Guess what? All the features you want are irrelevant

        > for the vast majority of the target market of the ipad.

        > You want them - buy something else, but

        What market? Yuppies with too much money?

        It's certainly a cool enough looking doo-dad but it has some very severe failings.

        Not being able to "browse any website" would be a pretty key failing for a device that's mainly a web terminal.

        1. Anonymous Coward


          Not being able to "browse any website" would be a pretty key failing for a device that's mainly a web terminal.

          If you're making a reference to the lack of flash-playing ability, your logic would indicate that *all* websites use flash in some critical fashion as to make them unuseable without it. I call fail on that.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I see it as ..

      a bit like a console...

      For example, if you buy a PS3, then theres not much you can do with it out of the box. Before it does anything you have to go onto playstation network and buy some stuff or go to the shop and buy ps3 games, only then you can do something with it.

      It's the same with the Ipod chunky. It doesn't do anything, it's simply a console on which to run stupid single function apps that you have to buy from the apple store.

      Some people like buying games and "applications" for their phones, little crappy software gadgets that are usually a complete waste of time and are designed to simply siphon your money away. The iPad is aimed at that market.

      Actually the PS3 does do quite a few things out of the box, it has a photo abum facility which is actually pretty good it, plays blu-rays, mp3s and can connect to a media server, browse the internet and has it's own BBC iPlayer interface.

      So there you have it...

      The iPad, less functionality than a PS3 with no games.

    3. Doshu
      Big Brother


      You said it -- tho the external SD card reader might assist in rendering the device a little more power-user-friendly. We'll see.

    4. Aaron 10
      Jobs Halo


      Why is "cheap? definitely No."? The iPad caused other manufacturers to look again at their pricing structure, expecting the iPad to start around $1000. Let's change that "cheap" to "yes".

    5. Anonymous Coward

      Yo, Dom Joly

      And I imagine the first day the bread slicer came out you'd have sat there and said, "it's not a knife" "it's not cutlery". Open your fricking mind, man!

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Nothing new

    This is typical. We just have to look at Computer Warehouse who was one of Apples largest retailers until Apple knifed them in the back along with Apples other retailers. The same goes when trying to get spares to fix things off Apple, it's a huge fight and usually ends up trawling eBay as Apple won't sell unless you sign over your soul to them.

    Then you look at the over charging they give the channel on systems, all of which is simply to make sure the channel can't compete with Apples own stores. It's all mechanics to control the market and utterly against the consumer interest and is a anti-competitive practice. It generates a closed market with no competition where every last penny can be taken off the customer and given directly back to Apple.

    People tend to (ok the fanbois) see Apple as whiter than white and nothing like MS. The fact is when dealing with MS even at the "most evil moments" they did things which actually aided the channel and sales, and even competition in sales for the retailers. Apple doesn't!

    1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Trust me, we don't all think like that.

      I like Apple desktop kit, I own some of it, it's quite nice. Apple the company and especially the cult around the risen again Lord Jobs of Cuppertino? Full of freaking, 100% A-grade horseshit! I don't get fanbois! Worshipping a businessman? Worship someone who has actually added to the sum of humankind's achievements, not a computer dealer who has lined his own nest eh?

      Rather worship Jim Jones, at least you get a trip down Mexico way and a free drink at the end!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Why aren't people complaining...

    ... that they can't buy a Mercedes at their local Hyundai dealer?

    Hyundai dealers are being locked out of Mercedes sale!



      BMW of Computers nonsense

      >> ... that they can't buy a Mercedes at their local Hyundai dealer?


      >> Hyundai dealers are being locked out of Mercedes sale!

      Guess what? If the Hyundai dealer is also a registered Mercedes dealer then he has standing to gripe if he's being locked out of a hot new product.

      If Jobs started making crackers out of grandma you would still make excuses.

  5. ShaggyDoggy


    They recently delayed the Europe launch due to "stock shortage" then a few days ago announced their 1 millionth sale.

    Some shortage there, then.


  6. snafu

    Try before buying

    I need to evaluate the thing to see how it works for people with sight disabilities. How do I do that, then? No Apple Store in Spain yet.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    historic boxes

    as in : they have been around for a while now so it's old news ? Sorry if eruope is always late catching up to the rest of the world.

  8. Parsifal

    I think the word we're looking for is


  9. Doug Glass

    Man Am I Glad ...

    ...Apple doesn't manufacture toilet paper.

  10. Andrew Macrobie


    Sounds almost like Apple are deliberately restricting the supply of ipad in order to raise public awareness and get as much journalistic attention as possible.

    What's the expression, any publicity is good publicity ?

  11. Captain DaFt

    A very cynical person once said..

    Something along the lines of, "The average person wouldn't bother to pick up gold laying around his feet, because he wouldn't want to get his hands muddy.

    But the crafty businessman knows that if he picks it up, cleans it off and puts it in a pretty package, he can sell it to that same person for ten times the price.

    A really savvy business man knows that he can do the same thing with just the pretty, shiny package, and keep the gold for himself."

    Jobs is a really savvy businessman, end of story.

  12. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    I don't want one thanks, but surely if Apple wants to shoot itself in the foot, that's their business?!

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Glad I'm not an Apple dealer, I would fire Apple for it.

    Apple, a great wanna be company, I would never sell Apple after heaing this story.

  14. d 25

    Apple is to tech Roman Catholicism is to religion.

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