back to article Wireless Gigabit set to become next-gen Wi-Fi?

The Wireless Gigabit Alliance, developer of a wireless data technology that operates in the 60GHz band, has signed up the Wi-Fi Alliance to manage its hardware interoperability programme. The move positions WiGig as a key candidate for the next version of Wi-Fi. Wireless Gigabit - aka WiGig - delivers data transfer speeds of …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Will it do AV kit as well as computer kit?

    The range sounds better suited to connecting a display to a video source, rather than a PC to a router.


    isn't this the same article as Billy Ray's, who got there a whole 7 minutes earlier? Aren't there opportunities here for "efficiency savings" (ie don't write the same article twice) in order to reduce your costs?

  2. Paul Simmonds

    A cynical comms engineer writes..........

    I'm presuming that the developers are envisaging this as a platform for the streaming of HDTV to "laptops" rather than using this for point-to-point working.

    With the somewhat sliding scale of frequency versus required power I am tempted to say this won't work well without either being exceptionally limited in range or prone to frying the user.

    To paraphrase a comedy show of the 1970's "Never mind the quality, feel the bandwidth." We are in danger of running out of spectrum again.

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