back to article Motorola buys own mobile Linux firm

Motorola has bought a mobile Linux company, according to an industry source, potentially busting its monogamous relationship with Google's Android and undercutting a mobile Linux effort that Motorola helped found. The handset manufacturer and Google Android partner has purchased Azingo, maker of a Linux operating system for …


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  1. Volker Hett
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    every mobile OS works with flash now

    or so they claim. but where can I get a flash player on ARM based Linux?

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Oops I did it again

    Well, it bought ttpcom a while ago and did it do any good to motorola phone lineup or the ttpcom development tree? Hell no.

    It is the reverse midas touch. Kind'a like one well known telecom operator that continuously survives on the basis of it being a monopoly in some countries. Anything it touches turns to ...

  3. Mage Silver badge

    Flash on ARM Linux?

    I've had it for two years on my Archos A605WiFi, However, now it's a 3 years out of date Flash.

  4. Steve Taylor 3


    market fragmentation will make us strong!

  5. Ami Ganguli

    Flash on ARM

    The Nokia N900 has Flash - not sure what version, but everything I've tried works.

  6. petur
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    Nokia n900 (ARM based tablet/smartphone) has flash 9.0.246 installed. Might get updated with a future upgrade but it plays whatever gets thrown at so far (even full screen youtube)

  7. Anonymous Coward


    Motorola developed it's own flavour of Linux for it's mobiles several years ago, and that failed horribly. They move OS more times than Microsoft releases hotfixes!

  8. Lance 3

    Look at their history

    The only three Motorola have not used are, Maemo/MeeGo, iPhone OS and PALM/WEB OS. All of the others they have used. They don't have a clue of what they are doing.

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