back to article Cray revenues slammed in Q1

Nothing illustrates so clearly why supercomputer maker Cray has been expanding into entry and midrange supercomputer markets as the financial results that the company posted in the first quarter ended in March. With only a high-end product line, Cray had nothing to sell as big HPC shops are waiting for the future Baker systems …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Big Business Driver Engines ...... Stealth Parts and Provision Store

    "In the meantime, Cray has $103.3m in cash and will burn some of it to build up parts supplies and get all the testing done on the Baker/Gemini systems. " ........ An embarrassment of riches and liquid resources allows for ideally, dynamic power plays, which are invariably always new Vital and Virile and Viral and Virulent Stealth Acquisitions, for Power and Control Way Over the Heads and Beyond the Normal Ken of Repetitive Competitive Models Vying for Lead and Creating Opposition and Conflict.

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