back to article Hackers release jailbreak for iPad and newer iPhones

Hackers have once again wrested a measure of control from Apple's iron-fisted grasp of iPads and newer iPhones with the release of jailbreaking software that allows hundreds of unapproved apps to be installed on the devices. The package, called Spirit, was released over the weekend for devices running firmware versions 3.1.2, 3 …


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  1. Mos Eisley Spaceport
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    I've never need to jail-break any devices I own.

    But then, I don't generally buy Apple products*

    Lock me in?


    * apart from an iPod, which seems to work just as I expect it to.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    They call it hackerocracy?

    Apple's taken the road of the Queen of Hearts, I'm afraid. So, some innovative fellows have made the first effort to open up the platform.

    Of course it would stands to reason that Apple's boardroom executives will have their IP knickers up in a bunch, about it. They can stuff it, I say. The community has spoken.

    Of course,I am not a judge in any court of civil law. Hrmph.

    I, for one, welcome our libertarian friends.

  3. A 31
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    much needed

    Yay ! at last .

    Jailbreaking ... makes the iphone far more desirable.

  4. BeefStirFry

    Don't use RockYourPhone

    RockYourPhone causes lots of problems with their version of mobilesubstrate which they edited, renamed to RockExtensions and the closed the source code. Most developers will refuse to support you until you stop using Rock.

  5. Mike Roantree 1

    Shame there is a trojan in the downloads

    From both rapidshare and the spirit site

    1. SimonC


      Typical Steve Jobs fanboy, there is no trojan, it's completely legitimate and works fantastically.

  6. Doshu

    Freedom! Horrible, horrible freedom!

    It is a happy day in mobile land when yet another generation of downtrodden devices is emancipated from the iron-fisted grip of the jobsian cult. Oh hubris, Steve Jobs is thy name! How's your flawless pearl now, Dr Cocteau?

    Okay, okay. I kid because i love.

    I've used my ipod touch 3rd gen since before last xmas with no jailbreak and i did just fine.

    That being said, i wholeheartedly welcome the added freedom and control. Some of the things that these shunned third party developers offer should have been integrated into the OS itself. Had apple given us these few knicknack items, there'd be no need for j-breaking (like the ability to use the touch as an external drive, etc.). I also hope that Cydia's (and other alt store's) paid-for apps do well and show that there's money to be made outside of apple's immediate circle of friends.

    Keep up the fine work, lads and lasses!

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