back to article Dotcom socialite says: Vote Tory

A group of over 50 British entrepreneurs has signed a letter urging voters not to support the "anti-business policies" of Clegg or Brown. Reprinted in The Times, it expresses concern about plans for capital gains tax increases (LibDem), the NI hike (Lab) and also the Tories' decision to cut the premium bottled water supplier …


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  1. AllWalk

    Time to hug a hopeful... watch the non-trepreneurs flock.

    It seems like Julie has joined the throng of self titled guru investment start-up types (such as doug *laughed at in cambridge* richards) who are betting that the Tories are going to win and if they claimed to have supported them then maybe, just maybe, the Tories will back their ill conceived / poorly performing investment vehicles.

    Whilst watching the debate it did seem that Cameron & Co. have got the best plans for business, but it forced me to question why it took him so long to win my vote... it was as if he'd read the manifesto over the weekend and thought "Hold up, some of this is is good, someone should be telling people about this!"

    At least the message is being put out now... alls well, that ends, well, not Labour.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    na sorry, the conservatives have exactly zero policies that appeal to/will benefit me. I shall instead cast a vote for a party that cares about the majority of the population rather than shady businesses and rich friends.

    oh yeah and the conservative idea of aiming all their policies at frothing daily-mail-tards and their irrational, made up immigration/health and safety fears makes them seem even more like a joke.

  3. Naughtyhorse

    good ideas??

    you think putting kids up chimneys is good for business??

    cos thats all i got from cameron this week.

    new torise, but just like thatch really :-)

    face it, gordon and dave will both be down the dole office next friday

    and good riddance to the pair of them

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Argh enough with Clegg, he wont be PM at best he'll be a labour tea boy!

      Yes because Golden Balls Clegg has such monumentally good ideas doesnt he?

      Tax and spend with a twist.

      Full speed into europe.

      Joining the euro a priority - would have joined in 1997, that would have been good.

      And he's also guranteed the biggest swing in history which is what he'll need to win an outright majority. Nah there's no risk of ending up with labour for another (some would say final) 5 years of uk politics.


      How many sheeple voting for Clegg have read or even care about his policies but I bet they'll be the same ones bitching to high heaven when we see the Gordon Brown horror smile at the launch of a lib lab coalition.

      1. Naughtyhorse

        you said it

        at the time the euro was born the exchance rate was 3 euro to 1 pound

        so if we had gone in then we would all be 300% better off now

        yes i take your point :D

  4. Sean Timarco Baggaley

    People with vested interests in retaining the status quo...

    ...protest about proposed changes to said status quo.

    Tell you what Julie, Tim, and all your other tax-dodging friends: It's not as if you're short of a few pennies, and it'd make a change from the hypocritical "Donate all your money to CHARIDEE!" bullshit we keep hearing from you and your Z-list celeb friends. So, how about *you* stop paying your armies of accountants to fight a never-ending war with the Inland Revenue (i.e. The People of Britain) in the interest of selfishly reducing your tax payments to the lowest conceivable level?

    Until you promise to do that, and ACT on that promise, you really do not get to tell us, The People, how to run our damned country. Either contribute properly, or f*ck off to bloody Liechtenstein and shut the hell up.


    While I'm in favour of encouraging a greater entrepreneurial spirit in the UK, I have no illusions about either Labour or Tory governments. Their track records are woeful, and they've been kow-towing to Big Business for well over thirty years now.

    The main parties are too full of the failed, incompetent dregs of other professions. Why are people who couldn't succeed in the real world supposed to be a good choice for running a country?

    The results speak for themselves: A country which rewards failure, lauds the incompetent, and prizes short-termism.

    In case these idiot "businesspeople" have forgotten, it's precisely *because* of New Labour and the Tories' laissez-faire approaches to commerce and the economy that we've had this mammoth recession lately. Even the most pro-business parties are talking about drastic austerity measures and massive cuts in services.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hell hath no fury ..

    .... like a blogger with a grudge.

    I am afraid of ever developing a product that pisses AO off .... he never lets go !

  6. Charlie Clark Silver badge

    Don't vote for anyone recommended by a "celebrity"

    Sounds like Mrs Woman wants a job at a Quango digitally enabalizing like that Queen of digitial whatever.

    Massive bucket of fail for them all.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Happy to vote tory - provided I'm not part of a big swing

    My problem is that I do like most of the tories stated aims but I'm not 100% convinced that their policies will work. I'm even pro all of their proposals that will personally make me poorer (I really can't justify getting tax credits and haven't really felt right about claiming them ever since my salary went over the £40k mark)

    Personally I would like to factor in a couple of LibDem ones (simplification of tax codes such as the 10k income tax threshold, their refusal to ring fence any budgets and possibly the bit about migrant amensty) as I think those are genuoinely sensible ways to cut waste and move people into work. I also really like the idea of a revamp of the electoral system as I think one of the main reasons we are in this mess has been the big majorities in place for the last 13 years (which means that the top few people in Labour have been able to dictate policy rather than debate it). However I'm absolutely against their position on Trident which at the end of the day meant I just couldn't vote for them.

    Labour - ummm.... lets just leave it there

    best result from my point of view would be a very narrorow tory majoriy that somewhere in the (5-10 seats) making them highly dependant on LibDem support. I'm not quite sure how I'd feel if they where 5-10 seats short of a majority - but I still don't think that would be the end of the world Mr Cammeron seems to want me to believe.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    And Alan L says: vote Tory? You'd be daft if you did!

    Partly because the amount of government spend going back to the public in one form or another is quite huge. Cutting that will not be a popular exercise whoever decides to undertake it.

    Couple that with UK (un)civil servantry acceptable cuts (these will likely to be project based rather than over-managed management based so the UK (un)civil service will emerge quite pleasantly smelling of roses).

    But there is no accounting for what will/may happen.

  9. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge


    Andrew O in "please support right wing capitalists" shocker.

    In any case, GOOD LUCK GUYS. I hope things work out for the best in the UK. WIth any luck, Canada will get an election this year too, and we can finally get rid of our tories.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Did you read all of the article, or was the sarcasm a tad subtle for you?

  10. Apocalypse Later

    I think I see what you are saying...

    Only those entrepreneurs who will succeed should be allowed to start a business.

  11. Christian Berger

    It will be exciting tomorrow

    There will be an important regional election in Germany. The Pirates Party got 1.7% at the last national election. It was, by far, the largest of the below 5% parties. This got them lots of news and publicity. With a bit of luck, they might get above 5% and therefore get into the local parliament.

  12. mark phoenix

    Give us a change

    Big business represents it's own interests.

    The sad fact is that most of the electorate is ignored due to the current voting system. Only voting for the Lib Dems will bring about change as PR will allow most peoples views to have a forum.

    Many of the owners of big business supporting the Conservatives have offshore tax havens and pay little to no tax. I find the latest Tory campaign tactic cynical and misleading like many of their policies. (The Conservatives backed the Labour party on the digital bill in the face of massive public opposition).

    Most of us will end up paying more tax. It is more a question of do we want to give rich individuals better tax breaks.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    OK, looks like I'm in a minority

    It isn't so much about what politicians claim that they can do it is more a question of what are they able to do (constraints all around) and the executive arms tasked to deliver those governance requests.

    I suggest Brown because he values income circulation as delivered by taxation a bit like keeping the battery voltage high. Others tackle it as reducing income circulation eg keeping the battery low.

    Plus, a bit like the butterfly wing effect, Greek economy shows what a knife edge world economy (ok - western modern countries economy) is on and how easy it is to perturb.

    I reckon such perturbation will arise as a natural consequence of the two unnamed parties policies and in such a perturbation other countries will leap into influential leadership positions as western world is really too skint to do anything about it.

    In the earlier analogy about battery power there are dangers of the battery fizzling out altogether if kept too low, too long.

    Besides, as anyone might tell you, the 20th year of a 25 year mortgage is not really difficult at all - nothing like the first few years of a 25 year mortgage because that is how debt pans out over time.

  14. archengel46
    Thumb Up

    I read the Reg

    Hey, I want to be influenced, which party does the Reg support?

  15. Eddie Edwards
    Thumb Down


    Er, handbags at dawn, Andrew?

    It seems to me that almost nothing has been said in this election about how we're actually going to make all this money back. Supporting the private sector might be a good idea, even if some of the supporters of that notion have failed in their endeavours.

    Or was this a complaint about spam?

  16. Sam Therapy
    Thumb Down

    F*ck democracy

    I wouldn't trust any of those bastards to run a bath, never mind the country. If there's anyone out there who honestly thinks Cameron is going to be a better bet than Brown, they are hopelessly naive.

    As for the economic shite we've been in recently, that's unrestricted capitalism for you.

    Just don't start griping when the Tories start to screw you over in ways you never even thought of.

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