back to article What's impacting IT security today?

Okay, we've banged on often enough about how security shouldn't be about products - it should be about making sure our data is adequately protected and all such good ideas. But the question is just how practical is this? We know a whole load of change is coming to IT today, some internal and some external. We also know that the …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    The two biggest problems in IT security today ...

    ... are the same as they have been for the over a third of a century I've been making money in the IT world, and probably go back to the dawn of time.

    The first is convincing management to throw enough money (resources) at the problem to have the correct hardware for the situation ... AND the staff to run it properly.

    The second is the big problem ... 90% of the userbase is incapable of wrapping their tiny collective hive mind around the concept of security.

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