back to article Google personal suggest bug exposed user web history

Google has restored its "personalized" search suggestions after purging the tool of a critical vulnerability that allowed attackers to steal a user's web history. Personalized search suggestions were disabled on March 1, and they didn't return until April 20. Ordinarily, Google adds these personalized keyword suggestions to …


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  1. MinionZero

    @"if you've turned on Google Web History"

    I assume this Web History option is on by default then? :(

    Well it would be, if I wasn't using NoScript ;)

    (When I temporarily allow Google home page in NoScript, I get the list of search suggestions as I type, but then I don't enable it most of the time).

    1. Anonymous Coward

      shut up already

      yes, yes, yes, we all know about no-script etc.

      do you fanbois really have to post the same stupid smug comments over and over again?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Stanford Safe Cache and Stanford Safe History

    Seemed like some exploit proof of concept similar to this was discussed on /. awhile back that it was bypassing even the mighty NoScript. even with java and javascript turned off! -IIRC

    I could be wrong. My memory sucks.

    At the time suggestions were made to use the following firefox extensions which seemed to block it.

    Stanford SafeHistory

    Stanford SafeCache

    I can tell you right now your going to have to open them up and edit them a bit to get them to install on the latest firefox they might not even work at all, I use them on an older portable Firefox

    Proceed with caution

This topic is closed for new posts.

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