back to article Yahoo! scores Premier League highlights package deal

Yahoo! has bought the exclusive rights to screen English Premier League games highlights online for the next three seasons. The highlights packages means that armchair football fans will be able to see five minute highlight packages of every Barclays Premier League match via Highlights will be published at …


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  1. Tom from the States

    Is this available in the States or UK only?

    Will this only be available in the UK?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    More of a no score draw if you ask me.

    Most proper fans aren't going to wait a day and a half to find out the result, so they will find a way to watch it somewhere else long before midnight Sunday.

    If the EPL want to do something revolutionary, how about streaming all the games live? It's bloody stupid that I can only watch the few games they decide on each week (usually featuring the same few top clubs) while people outside the UK can frequently watch lots of other games we can't.

    I know their argument is that it would stop as many people going to games but if that is the case it is only because going in person is so bloody expensive these days. Show the same few games on Sky and ESPN, stream the rest online on a pay per view basis and pay the extra money to the clubs on the understanding they reduce their ticket prices. After all, most people would much prefer to go in person if they are physically able and can afford it.

    I reckon you would grow the supporter base overall too and as a side-effect would sell more shirts etc.

    I and millions of others frequently resort to streaming poor resolution copies from dodgy sites in the far east because if we are unable to make it in person it is the only way for us to watch the game. I would much rather give some money to the club and watch it legitimately, but we aren't allowed to!

    1. Gianni Straniero

      Rant alert

      I believe the original reason for not televising 3pm Saturday kick-offs was to protect the gate revenue of Football League clubs, not the Premier Leagues ones. I'm not sure if this argument holds much water, though. Is a Rochdale fan likely to stay at home to watch Chelsea v City instead of supporting his or her own club in person?

      It has also given broadcasters excessive influence on the match schedules. You routinely get absurd situations like a London club kicking off in Manchester at 12:45, which means an unholy start for travelling away fans.

      It's almost rare now for top teams to kick off at 3pm on Saturday. I believe the only time you are guaranteed a full complement of Premier League games at that time is the last day of the season, ostensibly to prevent the outcome of later games from being influenced by earlier results, which might affect the final league placings.

  3. Jimbo 6

    Where !

    have ! all ! the ! exclamation ! marks ! gone ! ??? (Long ! time ! passing ! ...)

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