back to article EMC's Mozy saunters into the UK

EMC's Mozy cloud backup service has arrived in the UK. European Union regulations require businesses to keep their information backed up within EU borders, so Mozy opened its first data centre in Europe in 2008. Now it has a few but isn't saying how many. You can sign up for one of two services: Mozy Home or Mozy Pro. The …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Been using Mozy for a while

    I've been using the Mozy Home service for many months now and its excellent, so I'm not sure how its now newly "arrived"?

    In addition, I've been paying in dollars, so it comes out at less than the £4.99 quoted in the article.

    If only my broadband upload was quicker - just added about 100Gb to be backed up and looks like its going to take weeks to complete.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Lovely stuff

      Have to agree with you there, the service is excellent and am especially looking forwards to the *nix client coming towards end of 2010.

  2. Absinthe_Nishi


    The company I've recently been made redundant from has been selling Mozy's backup service for over a year now... (based in the UK, consumer & business customers in the UK) And as far as I know they have 2 datacentres in Europe; one in Ireland, one in Germany, with all data being replicated between the two for redundancy.

    Seems like everything's redundant these days!

  3. The First Dave


    Sounds to me like most people would be better off buying a big hard disk, then trading that capacity for storage with WUALA - a one time fee for the local storage, and all your data in the cloud...

  4. simon maasz

    One World. One Price?

    I too have been using Mozy for a year or so, no problems, unobtrusive, seems to work well. I note that there is now a website at, and (their Europe HQ is in Cork)

    Guess what - all the same price - 4.95. just the currency changes $, £, € !!

    Think I'll stick with $$

  5. Anonymous Coward
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    Not sure what's new about it but...

    ... Mozy is very good, well thought out and the charges are reasonable...

    I use the Pro Server version (because Home doesn't work on Windows Server) at home to backup my most important stuff that I really couldn't stand to lose in the event of a fire or theft from my flat... it works really well, every night syncs up the latest changes and sends me a report... no remembering to trigger it etc.

  6. David Love


    Another satisfied customer, indifferent to where the data is stored.

    Real world example: finish work in UK, land in Cape Town and shit, forgot to copy that file to my laptop.

    So I can confirm that Restore works as well as Backup. Pity SA comms are still 3rd world though, pull your finger out, Vodafone.

  7. Jason Edwards
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    I've been using Mozy Home Unlimited for years at home. An excellent service for a good price. I can also vouch for the restore functionality. One example would be: I lost a lot of data in a hard disk failure on one occasion and simply restored all 24+GB from Mozy in one afternoon... god bless 20Mbit connections, shame the upload speeds in this country suck.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Yup, I've used it for 2 years now. I've got 155Gb backed up for £3/month. It just runs without bother and the restores always work when tested. Took a long time to upload that lot though, but I know all my photos and videos (no, not that sort) are safe even if my whole home town goes up in flames ...

  9. Law
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    another happy mozy:home user

    Works fine, backed up 100+gb no problems, ok, it takes a week on initial backup, but only does changes after that so it's hardly a chore.

    Only issue I've seen in the few years I've been using it is that their mac client was a little buggy in the early days, and about 6 months ago there was some weird problem with a mozy/time machine conflict which left my time machine backup corrupted (and many other peoples apparently).

    Stopped using the mozy client for about 2 months while I waited for a new version, then updated, and current one works fine again.

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