back to article Lord of the Rings man made a Knight

Peter Jackson, the director behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy has been knighted in New Zealand. The Queen's representative Governor-General Anand Satyanand honoured Jackson for services to the arts. Jackson said he was humbled by the honour and was accepting it on behalf of his many hundreds of collaborators. He is …


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  1. Mike Tree

    Does that make him King of the Hobbits?

    No! It makes him a Knight!

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Once a kings...

    always a king, but once a (k)nights enough

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Low Budget horrors

    I wonder if he would have got this Honor if they were aware of some of his earlier films like Meet the Feebles

    1. theblackhand

      What about Bad Taste?

      - a sheep being blown up by a rocket launcher? Check

      - how to use a belt to stop your brains falling out after being shot in the head? Check

      - spent less than NZ$25,000 making the file? Check

      If that doesn't get you knighted, maybe a knighthood just isn't worth having

    2. Ben Rosenthal

      re: Low Budget horrors

      are you 'avin' a larf? Bad Taste, Brain Dead and The Frighteners are among his best films, they're the reasons I was happy when he first announced an attempt at That Trilogy :D

      damn well done to the guy

  4. Yorkshirepudding

    my friends you kneel for no one

    fantastic news for the bearded king of middle earth

  5. Gwaptiva

    Please arrest

    the Tolkein character for plagiarising books by Tolkien

  6. Paul 131
    Thumb Down

    @Anonymous Coward (anus ignoramus)

    Casting an eye back to "Meet the Feebles", gotta start somewhere.

  7. Christoph

    No, it doesn't

    Still not King

  8. TeeCee Gold badge

    That's handy.

    Now he can point to all the old props cluttering up his garage, turn to his better half and say: "See? I told you some of it would come in handy one day".

    There's nothing better for the old smugness quotient than proving to a sceptical SO that the "old junk" you're repeatedly having your ear bent about is actually useful.

    1. Youngone Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Re: That's Handy

      You're right, but I think He's one of those lucky buggers whose wife is quite supportive of flights of fancy. For those who don't know, her name is Fran Walsh and she's held in pretty high esteem as well. (At least here in NZ).

  9. moonface

    For services to Pro royalist propaganda

    Who cares about knighthoods from either Númenórean or Sax Coburg Gotha lineages!

    Yours, misbegotten peasant.

    Mine's the one, without the gold braid, medals and fancy frills.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    The award was announced on New Year's Eve. ®

    So it's not IT related, and it's not news.

    So what's it doing on here?

    Mine's the one with Hobbit s**t on the sleeve

    1. Anonymous Coward

      New here..

      Aren't you?

      Mines the bullet proof one...

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      It is IT related...

      This bloke made a film about hobbITs didn't he? There ya go

    3. This post has been deleted by its author

  11. Anonymous Coward
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    Acceptance speech

    Let's hope he does his acceptance speech in the style of the Lord Of The Rings films - e.g. v e r y , v e r y s l ow l y , with lots of 'meaningful' soulful looks, and long periods of time where the narrative gets parked in neutral whilst dull repetitive CGI takes over.

    In fact there you've got his version of The Hobbit all ready to go.

  12. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Ah, Bad Tast

    Quality film (given it's ah modest budget).

    Started working for an IT Manager called Derek shortly after I saw it originally.

    He never knew why his name kept a smile on my face.

    Probably best appreciated after a few beers

  13. R J Tysoe

    It's a shame...

    ... he's not a British citizen so he can't take up his seat in the Upper House. Then he could claim to kick arse for the Lords.

  14. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Just found "Bad Taste" on VHS.

    Shortly after watching documentary "Not Quite Hollywood", which admittedly is principally about Australian deregulated cinema. But "Bad Taste" is considerably the stuff that they were talking about, too. Jackson also acts. (Kind'a.) It's a keeper.

    Derek's storyline is pretty worrying, though - but his approach to closed doors, probably due to his, uh, state of mind, hilarious.

    (The bad guys' approach to closed doors, likewise. Was this henchman lore before Nodwick was ever pictured? Ah... maybe not.)

  15. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    @Robert Carnegie

    I think you'll find that's no henchmen, he's one of Peter Jackson's relatives. Checking the end credits as far as I could see when they were not on screen, they were part of the crew. It's a pretty amazing piece of work.

    Bad Taste is one of those movies you can't quite believe what you're seeing, even *while* you're watching it. Derek's behavior is quite understandable given that he's not quite himself later on. A few beers probably do help the viewing experience.

    However there is a plot whose internal logic does (more or less) hang together (and better than some stalk & slash flics I've seen) .

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