back to article Hulu scraps UK plans

So Hulu, America's answer to iPlayer (or to be more precise the as yet un-hatched Project Canvas) is not opening up in the UK after all. The reason? It can't agree terms with British broadcasters, according to the Telegraph. No surprise here: ITV wants to promote content on its own ITV player - no-one wants Hulu to sell …


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  1. Mark Talbot

    Except For Yank TV

    I have no idea why hulu was trying to get support from British broadcasters, what they needed to do was get British ad revenue and put up the same stuff as they have in the states. If they refuse to deploy similar services in this country at a similar release schedule then I'll keep bit torrenting away until they let me pay either by scrambling my brain with ads or with my own hard cold cash.

  2. Alan Edwards

    We don't need no aggregation

    Shouldn't that be 'We don' need no steenkin' aggregation'?

    It's OK. I've already got my coat, and it hasn't got a map of the Sierra Madre in the pocket.

  3. Ashley Stevens


    I don't understand why Hulu was trying to deals with British broadcasters since it's effectively a competitor to them? It should be doing deals with content providers and then getting ad revenue and directly competing with the broadcasters.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      On. Head. Nail.

      Probably a safe bet that Hulu has yet to prove it can lead to profit for the content producers, so no sale there, only broadcast companies would be interested at this stage.

      As said, UK broadcasters are the competion whereas the US broadcasters have a stake in Hulu. Let's hope Canvas can deliver something great... and also say a naive & hopeful prayer that our ISPs get onboard to support delivery, i.e. cache for cash.

This topic is closed for new posts.