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Smartphones with large screens are great up to a point, the inevitable drawback being a chunky handset. With the HTC HD mini, the 3.2in screen allows even petite paws to reach all the way across it for one-handed use, making it very easy to pocket. HTC Mini HD Slim pickings: HTC's HD mini The handset runs Windows Mobile 6. …


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  1. Code Monkey


    Nice size but Windows? Make a small Android phone and you'll have my hard-won!

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      While HTC need to keep their finger in the WinMo pie so they get WinPho7 I do think that anyone looking for a phone will either go Android, iPhone or just wait for a WinPho7 phone.

      1. Cameron Colley

        @Giles Jones

        According to recent news as long as you go HTC it's fine by Microsoft.

        Seems as good a reason as any to look at other manufacturers.

  2. Anonymous John

    Why 10:08?

    It looks like a smiley on an analogue clock face, but it doesn't work on a digital display.

  3. Neur0mancer


    windows mobile x=bum.

    Lovely creamy chocolately eclairish android= now you're talking my language.

  4. Citizen Kaned

    buyer beware

    we have had quote a few HTC handsets over the years now. all windows mobile too :(

    take the htc diamond 2 (please fnar fnar)

    looks good, screen is excellent etc etc. make a phone call. your ear touches the touch screen and by the end of the message you have done all kinds of thing you didnt know about.

    why is it so many clicks to get into contacts? and why so slowwwww?

    why does it often go straight to voicemail even if you have a good signal (and sat by you on your desk)

    at present we are looking into blackberries (locked into BT small business contract at present and that all they can offer over winmo HTC phones and nokia 'smart' phones). they have a free version of their ripoff blackberry enterprise server (BES Express) now but its such a ball ache to get working. 3 hours and still no joy lol.

    anyone else just about sick to death of dodgy unreliable tech? im reconsidering a new career in something less painful than IT - maybe being a professional massochist or something

    1. The Original Steve


      If you want messaging to "just work" on the cheap and also nice and easy then WinMo is the best option. Just don't get a touch screen and put your fingers in your ears when the users moan about the UI.

      Whilst I still would prefer WinMo for our handsets, we opted for Nokia E series. Mainly E51 and 71's...

      Excellent handsets. Mail for Exchange isn't bad - although not as good as WinMo. Supports encryption "apps", lock down, remote wipe, better UI than WinMo and cheaper than Blackberry.

      Haven't had much time for BB - doesn't appear to do a great deal more than Exchange 2010 does yet costs a bomb for enterprise deployments and the handsets are quite pricy too.

    2. Argh

      So many clicks to get in to contacts?

      On all (3) of my HTC devices since WM2003, it's just been 1 click.

      Press the "dial" button and the dialler comes up with all your contacts. You can find a specific contact by using the T9 pad to type their name, then click the "contact card" option beside it.

      If you want to add a new contact, I agree, it's far too many clicks. 1 or 2. One to click the "contacts" tab, and if your contact isn't in your favourite list, another to click "all contacts".

      I think that you may want to actually use a WinMo device before insulting it.

      With that said, I'm just about to try Android for a change, but I've got nothing against WinMo or S60.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    I was really interested for the entire first paragraph. Then I got to the "Windows Mobile" thing.. No thanks. I'd prefer Android, Maemo, iPhoneOS or even S60 to that.

  6. DRendar

    HELL NO! No MinMo!

    "The handset runs Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional"

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Why are HTC wasting their time on this?

    If this we Android based, it would be a winner, WM based, it's a loser...

    It's not hard to grasp, the industry is moving towards Android and the Openhandset Alliance, and HTC need to focus their efforts there, they have already shown what they can do if they put their mind to it, with the excellent Hero, Legend and Desire handsets.

  8. madferret
    Paris Hilton

    Who needs Windows 7?

    @ Citizen Kaned, I don't understand your criticisms of the TD2. I've got one and my ear has never activated anything. Maybe it's not big enough? Contacts are one click of the soft key labelled, errm, Contacts.

    But personally if I was going to get another Windows Phone I would stick to 6.5 - yes, it has the crappy icons but if M$ are going down the Jobsworth road of locking-in apps then forget it.

    HTC have done a decent job of improving a poor native interface, but I will probably look very seriously at Android next time.

    Paris because she has big... ears.

  9. dogged
    Thumb Up


    For the nice review. Useful. I may consider this as my upgrade is due.

    If you could place my comment in between the inevitable iPhone troll and the other inevitable Android troll, that would aid in the irony.

  10. Anonymous Coward

    its a shame really

    the OS kills it - bad planning HTC

  11. Anonymous Coward

    You lot are shameless

    seriously, apart from what you have been spoon fed by "other" folk do you really know what you are talking about what you slag off Windows Mobile?

    My bet is you dont or youve tried it once an never bothered to understand it.

    WM is fine, it does its job well, it may look a bit dated but thanks to its ability to allow UI changes and just about any other change you can think of its quite customizable. More important than looks is its usefulness in the work place, you sign for a package from most courier companies an you can bet its Windows Mobile running on it. yes yes android is ok as is Iphone, but WM will jump through hoops to allow different things the only sticking point is HTC they dont licence the graphics drivers, which slugs the phone down a bit, lets make your android and iphone devices run in software mode and see how sluggish they are!

    anyhow, this too wee for me, im on the hunt for an HD2 with a fraction smaller screen, 3.8 would do..

    1. Anonymous John

      Re Shameless

      I've got an Orbit 2 which is slower than the XDA IIi that preceded it. I'm waving it goodbye as soon as O2 has the HTC Desire (supposedly this month, but time is running out).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        reply to Orbit dude

        YEs i know, i have an XDA II, and a XDA IIi plus the orbit and an Orbit 2 and HD and yes you are correct that they are slower than the XDA IIx, that is down to the drivers for the graphics im affraid, HTC will not licence the Qualcomm drivers which is why its so slow, like i said, lets see an Iphone or a android running in software and see how slow it is.

  12. olliholli

    strange opinions

    As a long time WM user I'm not convinced either the reviewer or most commenters here have enough experience with 6.5 to comment.

    I far prefer the default WinMo 6.5 shell to the HTC Sense stuff, it's a hell of a lot quicker and more usable.

    The reviewer mentions "to hide the tiny non-finger friendly default controls" - 6.5 has made huge leaps in this regard (it's been out a long time now...). It's perfectly finger friendly, I'm pretty sure the reviewer is referring to 6.1 and previous which were admittedly very poor without the stylus or a 3rd party shell like SPB.

    Repeating stuff you've heard but not experienced, or championing your current favourite is just blatant fanboyism and doesn't add to the debate at all.

    1. Jason Hall


      My friend has recently picked-up an Omnia, running Winmo 6.1 I believe, to develop some quite specific apps for.

      How much better is 6.5 to 6.1 - since I find his phone is absolutely awful to actually use?

      Do you know any way to upgrade to 6.5 - and would it be stable/etc...

      What about a decent shell to run on it?

      Sorry about all the questions - but blimey 6.1 is bad, and anything I can do to help him (except maybe do my own research :) would be good)


      1. dogged

        The WinMo oracle is in

        And you can find all your answers at

  13. Unimotorcyclist
    Thumb Up

    Good name

    This phone almost could be known as the HTC Touch3.

  14. Victor Ludorum

    That's all very well, but

    Why is it being marketed as the Mini?

    It's bigger than my nearly two year old Touch Diamond (which is far from perfect, I know, but it does everything I want) with a lower res screen? OK it's got twice the ROM and RAM, and a uSD slot instead of 4GB fixed internal memory, but there's only so many apps and mp3s I want to put on it. And I can put WM6.5 and Sense on it if I felt the need...

    Have I missed something?


  15. AceRimmer
    Thumb Up

    Dr Gates: Or how I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love WinMo

    Once you stop downloading untested applications and trying to get WinMo run them (crap in crap out remember) Windows Mobile is actually very nice to use.

    Synching with Windows 7 is superb

  16. Greem
    Thumb Up

    I bought one of these Hong Kong during the "nobody can fly to Europe" days, to replace a Touch Pro that the numpties at Heathrow T3 security managed to make me lose. I wanted a Desire but couldn't find one.

    I like it. It's taken me a few days to get used to the capacitative screen - I've been a stylus/keyboard user for years - but it does exactly what I want it to. I do find that HTC Peep manages to hog the CPU a bit on large updates, but I can live with that.

    Only problem I have right now is that I can't find a case to fit it into...

    Oh, and it cost rather less than £320.

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