back to article Swiss police thwart 'eco-anarcho terror' attack on IBM

IBM has been allegedly targeted by a group of Italian eco-terrorists intent on bombing a planned nano-technology centre in Switzerland. Police in Switzerland apparently foiled the attack by members of Italian eco-anarchist group Il Silvestre when they stopped a car a few miles from the target on April 15. Officers allegedly …


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  1. Rumcajz


    "Il Silvestre has an green anarchist agenda, including opposition to all forms of micro-technology, nuclear technology and weapons."

    IANA Italian green anarchist eco-terrorist, but IMHO a bomb is a weapon. Or am I missing something rather obvious here??? Perhaps it isn't a bomb if it's somehow on your side...

    1. Random_Walk

      They likely have that covered

      Ends, Means, Justification, plenty of rot like that tends to pop up when facts get in the way of ideology.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Now, I'm no eco-anarchist, so I may be missing something

    but surely a bomb is a type of weapon?

  3. Ray0x6

    yes, yes.

    communicate plans using electricity, arrive at site in chemically powered vehicle designed by engineers, explode site using chemistry. all very consistent, well done. the joke goes a little too far if you have to kill to make the punchline, however. literally, tools.

  4. Aaron Em

    "opposition to all forms of...weapons."

    Except, presumably, those they have earmarked for blowing up IBM's facility...

  5. Ken 16 Silver badge

    Are those carbon neutral explosives?

    Eco Terrorist? I'd just got to grips with Eco mentalists.

  6. Quxy

    "Italian eco-anarchist group Il Silvestre"?

    Oh, dear... This sounds like the setup for a joke with the punchline, "they tried to blow up a bus, but burned their lips on the exhaust pipe"...

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Tube System

    "Despite the group's opposition to technology, supporters appear happy to take to the internet to back up the organisation."

    We all know the Internet Is A System Of Interconnected Tubes. Presumably Electric Tubes are doing all the switching, not those Nasty Semiconductor Microtech Systems Of Evil.

    Seriously, can someone build a computer running on tubes and being able to process TCP/IP ? No space and power limits, certainly.

  8. Gilleain Torrance

    Green activists who are against micro/nano-technology?

    Have they realised that all organisms are made of microscopic components (cells) that are in turn composed from nanoscale parts?

    Clearly there's plenty of room at the bottom - for idiocy.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      As the article states

      ....their cells are pretty rigid. They are not like us.

      (Additionally, blowing up "nanotech research" in 2010? That's about 50 years too early. Where is Sarah Connor??)

  9. Arnold Lieberman


    Presumably the soap-dodging idiots were using a sustainably reared car, no doubt with hemp-fibre seats and veggie-oil propulsion. They should ask those other hypocrites from Plane Stupid about justifying the use of mechanised transport.

  10. E 2

    Too subtle

    OK, what's the joke with Balmer?

  11. Colin_L

    not a good subtitle

    "Balmer tightlipped on 'nano bomb plot'"

    There's only one "Balmer" that most IT folks know of: Steve Balmer of Microsoft. But what's he doing with IBM?

    "...prosecution spokeswoman Jeannette Balmer..."

    Oh, her. Of course. Yes, she's exactly who we were thinking upon reading the headline.

    The subtitle should be 'prosecution tight-lipped' or something similar.

    1. Goat Jam


      And miss out on all the page hits from MS Trolls and MS Shills coming along to argue over stupid crap for fun and profit?

      Surely you jest?

  12. Anonymous Coward

    just set off the device

    With the idiots still in the car. Broom and pan to sweep up mess. Done.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...yes the Swiss are not only manipulating currencies, they also challenge our Ape forerunners. Alpha Monkey Steve descends from the land of big-holed cheese.

  14. Frumious Bandersnatch
    Black Helicopters

    donc, qui haute, eh?

    This post requires a tilting, with letters and/or numbers.

    <- with upside-down windmills, natch.

  15. Neoc


    Since they use the Internet to communicate, please tell me that a Tweet(y) was responsible for bring down Il Silvestre ...?

    Mine's the one with "That's All Folks!" on the back.

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