back to article Vodafone confirms Google Nexus One availability, pricing

Vodafone will put Google's Nexus One smartphone on sale on Friday, 30 April, the cellco said today. It also said it has begun taking advance orders for the handset, though it admitted these may not be fulfilled until 5 May. The Nexus One will be free if you take out a two-year contract with a monthly payment of at least £35 …


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  1. OFI


    Bringing this to the table 4 months too late and at £5 more than the Desire, what is the point?

    Yet to find any Nexus apps that won't run on the Desire.

    Strange we're getting the N1 just as Americans are awaiting delivery of their Incredibles :-D

  2. My Alter Ego

    I gave up waiting for Vodafone to pull their finger out

    Was also able to screw them down on my contract seeing as I wasn't using my available upgrade. Think I've saved money already by buying it direct in February. Also have to say I've never been more pleased with a phone that with the N1.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Desire Cheap, Maybe, Reliable hmmmm

    The Nexus is not as cheap as the Desire but more reliable in my experience. Odd as the manufacturer and specs are the same. My Nexus running a Desire rom has been faultless but my HTC Desire is unusable due to random reboots & force closures and of cause there'e the 3G issue as well.

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