back to article Leonard Nimoy in 'no more Spock' shock

Leonard Nimoy has announced his retirement - and this time he means it. "Countless times, I thought it was done," he told the Toronto Sun, referring to his 60-year career. But now it is. Done, that is. He can now revive the title of his first autobiography, I Am Not Spock, published in 1977 when he was trying to distance …


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  1. jake Silver badge

    ::heh:: Not sure I trust the Sun, but ...

    Thanks for the entertainment over the years, Mr. Nimoy.

    Enjoy your retirement. Or not, as you see fit ...

  2. Chris Gray 1

    A wee bit late!

    Too bad you couldn't have posted this article *before* all of the events that it talks about using future tense.

    Nimoy's appearance down in Vulcan made the news throughout Alberta. It looks like a good time was had by all.

    (I lived in Vulcan for a couple of years, back when it was famous for its dozen or more grain elevators.)

  3. Christian Berger

    For those not living in the US or the UK

    Leonard Nimoy stared in a US television show named "Star Trek" which was kinda like "Raumpatrouille – Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion", but with more episodes, in colour, and with far less budget.

    He played a science officer who was half alien. They depicted that by, believe it or not, glueing prostetics to his ears.

    I think the shoestring budget was one of the reasons why it was so popular in english speaking countries. It kinda looks like "Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot", but with _less_ budget.

    There is a German dub of that series availiable. It was first availiable in 1972 on ZDF and then later migrated to Sat1 and Kabel 1.

  4. Shannon Jacobs

    Just send them to Wikipedia, for goodness sake

    I don't know about the German version, but the English Wikipedia has LOTS of articles about many facets of Star Trek. The original series really was a path-breaking series for it's time. Someone recently loaned me the full set of episodes as dubbed in Japanese, and I'm surprised how many of the stories have managed to stand the test of time--though I acknowledge that I'd forgotten how cheesy some of them were...

    As far as 'live long and prosper', Leonard Nimoy has already done that. At least by earthling standards.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    He once appeared

    at the Time computers factory in bolton, sadly, i wasnt there but the consensus was a more pleasant man you would struggle to meet.

    Spock, we **will** miss you...

    Or as spitting image put it, To Be Or Not To Be.. That is, illogical , captain!

    Beer, cos i'd buy him a romulan ale..

    1. J 7
      Thumb Down

      didn't do much for Time computers

      He never came to the Time Factory - which was in Simonstone anyway, miles away from Bolton

      He never came, so we never met him, and his adverts did sweet FA for our sales, though they cost us a packet in fees. After that all we could afford for the next advert was a scruffy old drunk who we called "Captain Apocalypse". Between the two of them they scuppered sale so well we nearly went bust four years before we finally did

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Other work

    I remember him promoting and even demoing OS/2 Warp.

    I have to say, compared to the Windows offering at the time, it was great (I even shelled out my own money to buy a copy). Alas, it has also gone into retirement.

    1. AndrueC Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Me too

      Yeah, I switched to OS/2 Warp for a couple of years. It had it's annoyances (a single threaded UI being the biggest pain) but it meant I never used Win95 and didn't see much of Win98 either.

      OS/2's memory management was way better than Windows - and probably still is. It's more akin to mainframe thinking where RAM is just the fastest storage and is allowed to fill up and swapout as the system progresses. None of this stupid working set trimming malarky.

      It was also a damn fine multitasker. I remember being sat at home using a 386 based machine to download from Compuserve while I played the first of the Crammond F1 simulators. Happy days :)

  7. Chimpofdoom!


    It would of been great had be been in the sequel to the latest revival of the Star Trek franchise. But I guess we all need to retire at some point!

    So Ambassador Spock... live long and prosper!

  8. Chris 3

    Actually he *did* play Spock...

    ... in the latest film. The fact that he was dubbed Spock Prime, was simply as a way of distinguishing between the two Spocks from two different time lines.

    /Mine's the one with the fur-trimmed hood.

  9. Stuart Elliott
    Thumb Up

    And the second half of the saying hopefully applies too..

    "Peace and long life".

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    But can I still....

    kill people who refer to him as Doctor Spock?

  11. George Nacht

    Not really a shock

    I would think that his last line from new Star Trek (something like "Retirement...well deserved") was a hint clear enough. Not that I can suppress a sob right now, mind you. Retirement well deserved, indeed, but still too abrupt...

  12. stu 4

    the hobbits

    that's what I'll miss most.

    the wonderful music of Mr Nimoy.

    oh Bilbo Baggins... etc.

    1. fishman


      Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, only ??? feet tall,

      Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, greatest little hobbit of them all.

      I still remember that song. Haven't heard it in forty years. Can I sue for damages?

      1. dr_forrester

        He fought with the goblins...

        The line is "only three feet tall."

        1. fishman

          Did you

          Did you google it, or did you remember it? If you remembered it, maybe we could get a class action suit going - pain and suffering!

  13. Absent


    I guess this could be a spoiler for a definite conclusion with his character in Fringe at the end of the current series. He very recently tweeted about rapping up filming on the show.

  14. Moz

    It's a little late, Leonard...

    ... if you are worried about being typecast.

  15. CD001


    The voice of Civilopedia in Civ4 ;)

    1. Ammaross Danan


      I...just...hope they...don't....use

      He was a good pick for Civ4 voice-over though. Guess all the Trekkies will go buy a copy now if they haven't already...

      Shame his cameo in Fringe is going out too. He was always a classic to pull in for the extreme Sci-Fi rolls.

  16. AlistairJ

    Live long and wha ..?

    Have you seen his photography? I recommend a quick gahoogle for it, unless you are easily offended by pictures of bare naked ladies of a large-waisted persuasion.

  17. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

    Good luck to him.

    He was in good spirits this weekend, despite the unbelievable crowds of people he had to entertain. (Including an amusing (horrifying?) moment when he emerged from an auditorium to a surprised crowd of people lined for an Panel with some BSG actors. He was walking around the crowd; cheering and hooting occurred. He then...went to the bathroom. A big of a stunned silence on the part of onlookers followed by some laughter and general "well that was kind of surreal and terrible on our parts.")

    I wish him well, and am glad I was able to meet him over the weekend. Good fortune to you, Mr Nimoy!

  18. NemoWho

    Upcoming book will be called...

    ... "I am Spock's pension check". To boldly sit in the mailbox, waiting to be collected...

    Cheers to you, Leonard. My money is actually on you to be the last crew member standing...

  19. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Would it be too fanny for him to bow out singing "Father and Son" to Quinto...

    ...under the name of "Bat-Ear Stevens"?

    I wonder if he still gets a cut from "Mission Impossible", the original, playing this very day on a digital channel I've forgotten, alongside "Ironside" and, uh, "T. J. Hooker".

    I believe he was on a "Columbo" the other day, too. I didn't watch, but I think he did it. The star guest usually did it, right? (The murder, I mean. And "Columbo" is the show where we get to watch it done, and you suspect that Columbo himself has at least seen the cast list, why else stick to the most famous suspect on the screen besides himself? Or does he pester a lot of other people off-screen that we don't need to see?)

  20. Canadian Loyalist

    Governor General of Canada

    This is just to let people know that there has been some talk of William Shatner becoming the next Governor General of Canada who is the Queen's representatve to the great dominion.

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