back to article Koobface server pops up in China after HK takedown

Security experts in Hong Kong last week succeeded in taking down a key component of the Koobface botnet, only to witness the system popping up in China. The Koobface FTP grabber component uploaded stolen FTP user names and passwords to the remote server, which was under the control of cybercrooks. These stolen login …


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  1. Adrian Jones


    Well, at least they're nicely dressed nowadays...

  2. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    Your spell check still doesn't accept "botnet", then...

    So there's a meassive Chinese-built criminal bonnet, that's fine.

    Also: so they can break into your FTP server, am I missing a point here? Did FTP suddenly get secure and important and I didn't notice?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did this post come through a time machine?

    Did this post get written in the 80s and only just published?

    I'm looking forward to exciting news about the future of ARCHIE and gopher.

    (Although I know some important financial systems that are still using FTP)

  4. bruceld


    meassive bonnet?

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