back to article Adobe clutches chance to bury Steve Jobs 'hog' insult

After calling Flash a "CPU hog," Steve Jobs has given Adobe the chance to live down this now famous insult. And Adobe is taking it. Steve Jobs also called Flash "buggy" and littered with security holes. And he summarily banned it from both the iPhone and the iPad - even when it's translated into Jobsian machine code. But with …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Come on Adobe

    Just do the right thing and stop developing Photoshop for Mac. I would love to hear all the 'creative' Apple latte sipping fanbois whine when that happens.

    1. Random_Walk

      Sure they can...

      ...and promptly lose a huge chunk of their income, then at the same time open the market to any competitor (including Apple) who wants a foot in the graphics market door.

      I doubt that even Adobe is crazy enough to try that one.

      1. David Webb


        There are no real alternatives to Photoshop on any system. If we use Open Office as a comparison, it's taken years for it to become mature enough to stand up to MS Office. If Adobe said "screw you Apple, no more flash, no more CS" it's not just graphics artists that would cry.

        Apple needs Adobe more than Adobe needs Apple, if Photoshop became Windows and Linux only, it would be impossible to justify the cost of a Mac + Windows over a PC + Windows, or even a PC + Linux.

        Photoshop is an industry standard, it's not something you can replace with 3 months worth of development and a coating of "ohh shiney" that Apple would produce (also neglecting the fact that Apple's would be Mac only, you need a standard which is cross platform).

        1. DrTeknical

          No REAL Alternatives??!!

          I disagree VERY much with your comment that there isn't any real alt. for Photoshop. Photoshop is in exactly the same situation that MS Office is in. It was the first graphics editing program to go big time on early PCs, and First does get you something. It gets you early name recognition and early market-share in the world of Big Biz. There are several other really nice, full featured software packages out there that perform the vast majority of functions that the VAST majority of users use. Corel acquired Paint Shop Pro from its creator, JASC several years ago and now markets it as Corel Paint Shop Pro PhotoX3. I still use the JASC version, but have heard very good things about Corel's version. The one REALLY BIG advantage of PSPPX3 over Photoshop CS is price. PSPPX3 is currently priced at $89.99. Photoshop CS5 is now pre-order priced from the Adobe web-site at $699!!!!!! For 98% of users (my personal guess), PSP does everything they'll ever need at 13% of the price.

          Paris, cause she's SO perfectly beautiful she never needs touching up...

        2. Random_Walk

          Actually, yep.

          You're looking at GIMP, but ignoring the pile of commercial apps already out there.

          Also, Adobe couldn't simply pull P-Shop off the market for OSX and leave a vacuum... it would take at least another version, which in turn takes years. This is time that, say, a company with $40bn USD in the bank could use to build up a viable alternative, or simply buy an existing alternative and bolster it up.

      2. Ilgaz

        Apple lost focus on desktop lately

        Currently, Windows 7/Vista is more advanced than OS X in regards to APIs, GPU acceleration, SSD and power management.

        With the iPhone craziness, Apple has lost some focus on Desktop and they do crazy things like cancelling 64bit Carbon support (read:Photoshop) last minute telling programmers to convert 200M line application to Cocoa, like a basic shareware.

        1. Volker Hett

          Carbon is deprecated for years now.

          And Adobe is surprised that Apple does what they told them they'll do.

          I use OSX because I need Unix not because I'm an artist, but I have Lightroom for my pictures and it is a) cocoa and b) 64bit.

        2. ThomH

          Let's just say whatever we want, the readers will blindly upvote anyway

          "Currently, Windows 7/Vista is more advanced than OS X in regards to APIs, GPU acceleration, SSD and power management."

          That's some good preaching to the choir, but it isn't actually true. Apple's 2008 approach to a GPU acceleration API is OpenCL (subsequently standardised through Kronos, but Apple's originally). It adds closures to the programming language and adds a few C calls to issue them. The OS is responsible for figuring out available hardware and distributing tasks. It will distribute automatically to any available GPUs or CPUs, applying normal OS scheduling rules.

          Microsoft's 2008 approach is DirectCompute. It sites within DirectX, so what you have to do is go through the normal DirectX API, query for available GPUs, query for GPU capabilities then explicitly issue your blocks to the GPUs you want to execute them. They're never executed on the CPU regardless of how a system is configured.

          You're also accusing the company that sells the laptops with independently verified ten hour battery life of having poor power management?

          Apple are way behind on developer relations but not on technologies.

    2. DrXym

      Just make Windows the lead platform

      Make Windows the lead platform for new features and functionality and then backport them to OS X. Given how hostile Apple has been to Adobe I would think that makes sense.

      Jobs whines how buggy and slow Flash is but the reality is that the browser plugin API sucks on the Mac. Plugins are windowless so they rely on the browser to paint them and push messages to them. And (as reported) there currently is no hardware accelerated support for 3rd party code. Is it any wonder Flash is slow? I wouldn't be surprised if Silverlight, VLC or any other demanding browser plugins suffer similar issues except Flash gets it in the neck because some sites fire up 4 or 5 instances.

      1. Volker Hett

        Windows is the lead platform for years now.

        for all Adobe Products.

        But flash is outstanding, it sucks on any platform besides Windows, and I don't think h.264 acceleration will help accelerating any other flash app.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        "Just make Windows the lead platform..."

        It already is...

        Your argument would carry water if Flash's (and the rest of the shite Adobe peddles) worked well on other platforms too, but it simply doesn't. None of the other available browser plugins have problems, and the problems don't just affect Safari either--Flash is shit in Firefox *and* Chrome too. It's *just* Adobe.

        >"Flash gets it in the neck because some sites fire up 4 or 5 instances." That'd be because it sucks. That Flash defence has got to be about the worst I've seen! Pathetic...

        1. DrXym


          Don't be stupid. The performance difference is very noticeable between Windows and Mac and the biggest reason by far is the broken NPAPI architecture in the Mac. Sure Flash can be improved but it is pure nonsense to pin the blame just on the plugin.

          I expect Silverlight would suffer many of the same issues on the Mac if it were so widely used. As will HTML5 when it starts being used in the way Flash is now.

          It is also quite obvious that the more instances you have open the more performance is going to suffer. This is true of any application. If it upsets you that much, install a flash blocker so your browser only opens flash apps you want to use rather than random sites that are plastered in ads.

      3. RobDS

        Adobe DID in 1996

        Make Windows the lead platform for new features and functionality and then backport them to OS X. Given how hostile Apple has been to Adobe I would think that makes sense.

        Adobe did do this in 1996.

        NOW they are paying the price for it.

    3. Eponymous Howard


      **just do the right thing and stop developing Photoshop for Mac.**

      You don't really know how business works do you?

  2. J. Cook Silver badge


    *sits back, makes some popcorn, and watches the Pot Calling the Kettle Black, and vice-versa*

    1. Euchrid
      Thumb Up

      re: Heh

      One of the best comments I've read for a while.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Flash != video only!

    As much as this is welcome news, I have to agree with jobs - flash is a CPU hog. Not particularly the video part (which is OK, but not great), but all the rest of it. I recently saw a flash-based site eating >50% cpu time (on a 2.8ghz core 2), just to display a slightly fancy menu. That's the kind of thing that makes me want to uninstall flash entirely.. if only it wasn't pretty much required :/

    1. DrXym

      The main reason its a CPU hog

      Is the crappy plugin architecture on the Mac. On Windows, most Flash plugin are created as windowed plugins. This means they can create an HWND and be responsible for handling messages and painting whenever they like. They could even be running on separate threads with relative ease because they're not bound by what the browser is doing.

      On the Mac plugins are always windowless so all messaging and painting through the browser. The browser renders the plugin in with the rest of the page so painting a plugin may not be trivial either. So imagine a couple of plugins shouting at the browser 30 times a second to be repainted and the browser repainting part of its page 30 times a second and no wonder its slow.

      So Flash primarily suffers is because of the architecture. Apple could propose to enhance the NPAPI architecture or supply hooks so demanding plugins can paint quicker. Whatever the solution Apple needs to help supply it. Blaming Adobe for their own broken architecture is a pretty pathetic response.

    2. dogged


      The menu code didn't need to be written that badly. This is like saying that because some newb writes a bad app in C++ and uses gcc to compile, gcc is a CPU hog. It isn't, and the C++ libraries are actually excellent.

      You can write bad code in anything.

    3. Ceiling Cat

      It's a reply, it shouldn't warrant a new title!

      "I recently saw a flash-based site eating >50% cpu time (on a 2.8ghz core 2), just to display a slightly fancy menu."

      What I want to know is why does anyone CARE that flash uses CPU cycles? Is it currently the trend to have blisteringly fast processors, only to whine about an application using some of the power?

      Badgers . . .

      1. Joel 1

        Burnt crotch

        I care about flash using CPU cycles because it destroys battery life. My normal 3 - 4hr battery life was reduced to around 45 mins because I had gone off power with a browser tab (not displayed, mind) which was on the home page of Sky or Channel 4 or one of those annoying sites with a spinning carousel of their "amazing" content.

        It was when I got the battery warning ridiculously early that I realised what I had done.

        Looking at it another way, what is the carbon footprint of all those flash widgets causing CPU cycles to go off the scale? There is probably a financial impact for businesses for having Flash enabled, in terms of additional power and cooling costs.

        How much more power does a PC running flat out use than one idling?

        Flame in case you use a laptop running flash on your lap....

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Halo

    click2flash ftw

    Nothing worse than pointless use of flash on websites for logos/banners etc. Thank god for click2flash!

  5. LinkOfHyrule
    Paris Hilton

    Pub car-park

    Wow, tech industry leaders resorting to pub car-park fight level insults!

    *Leave him Steve, he's not worth it!*

  6. Tom 35

    Flash may be a pig

    But so is quicktime for windows. And not known for air tight security or lack of bugs.

    1. Player_16

      You don't need Quicktime... see ads on the interweb. It's only an option.

  7. A B 3

    Is Flash like Basic?

    Is flash like olde Basic? if someone could explain it. I'll also have a look at it myself.

    1. GarethJones

      Is Flash like Basic?

      Flash itself is more of a web designer/graphics package but adobe have created a language for us old fashioned proggies called Flash Builder.

      As a programming language, I see it as a mix between C and Pascal is quite easy to pick up and there are loads of instrucional videos from Adobe available.

      Download a free trial from



  8. Robert Ramsay

    what I want to know... when are the lazy bastards going to produce a 64-bit Flash client?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Horns


      ....i'm waiting for Apple to produce a 64bit version of QuickTime for Windows, atleast then i might be able to control playback of .mov media in my browser instead of being presented with a black bar!

    2. Gerhard Mack

      You mean this 64 bit client?

      They did already although Linux only:

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Still isn't any good though

        It's a 64bit resource hog that doesn't keep step with other releases and doesn't use the GPU for h264. The GPU bit is supposedly because there isn't a suitable API function available, but a chap from nVidia disagrees and offered to help - you can find the offer in the comments if you wade through enough of them.

        More details of the Mac hardware acceleration here:

  9. heyrick Silver badge


    Jobs, Ballmer, and all this insane shouting and bitchslapping. THESE are industry leaders? What happened to smiling in public and stabbing in private? This is quickly descending into a mindless comedy.

    1. Trevor Pott o_O Gold badge

      "Smiling in public and stabbing in private"

      Still practiced. You forgot the flip side of that coin though: have a public tantrum to cover your back room deals.

      You'll notice how Adobe isn't pulling Photoshop from the Mac. You'll also notice there's not much hubbub about any SaaS version of Photoshop that would benefit, say, Google. (Read up on Photoshop express, and note how nobody talks about it any more.)

      Wheels within wheels. The next decade of megacorporate consolidation in the tech center will be interesting, to say the least.

  10. E Haines

    Stay tuned for the next installment

    Apple: "I know you are but what am I?"

    Adobe: "Yo mama!"

    Apple: "Neener neener!"

    Adobe: "Ppphbhbtt!"

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Well it was one comment that spurned countless articles. Gotta post about somethin I guess.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Eye test on aisle 9 please..

    I had to go back and read that a few times before I really believed what I'd read.

    Apple called another company 'closed and proprietary'.

    I'm torn between screaming 'worst insult, EVAH' and laughing my cock off at the sheer hypocrisy of it.

  13. Oscar

    Re: You don't need quick time...

    You don't need iTunes either but it doesn't stop that and quick time being incredibly poorly programmed.

  14. Svein Skogen
    Thumb Up

    Better solution than to stop CS5 from Apple

    A better solution than to stop CS5 for OSX would be to reduce the price of CS5 for windows. It would mean more sales (enthusiasts that would be able to use a legal copy), and at the same time it would give management suits in companies the choice of spending less for placing their graphic creators on windows, or spend more, AND GAIN NOTHING by keeping them on fruit-cases.

    An even cuter solution would include making CS6 for OpenSolaris. ;)


    1. Anonymous Coward

      re: Better solution than to stop CS5 from Apple

      Except that as all Macs in the last five years run Windows, so there's no need for companies to buy new hardware... as was pointed out the last time you made pretty much the same point and made the same fruit case 'joke'.

      As for saying that enthusiasts would be able to use a legal copy, they already can. if they can't afford to, there are a lot of options out, which don't involve piracy.

  15. Law

    Flash has its place...

    ... I was going to joke about how that is in the recycle bin, but that is harsh.

    Flash is alright, it can be a cpu hog, I hate the fact Chrome freezes for 10 seconds when loading it up in the background, and I hate how advertising scum used it to scream their advertisements at me before adblock came around... but without it, we wouldn't have had half as many mario brother spoof games freely available on the web, stick men martial artist animations, and we wouldn't have half as many pretty websites (sometimes taking hours to load, but I digress)... and we wouldn't have had html5 and silverlight trying to get in on the act, and making the web just that little bit more interactive.

    Like all things - flash has it's place, but a lot of people misuse and abuse it.

    A beer - now can't we all just get along! :D

  16. EWI
    Dead Vulture

    Flash fact

    "Make Windows the lead platform for new features and functionality and then backport them to OS X"

    How is this different from what Adobe have been doing for years, exactly? (Premiere, Adobe Acrobat, 64-bit, Cocoa, hell even the Mac OS X migration...)

    Are Adobe a 'Microsoft Gold Certified Partner', one wonders?

    By the way, perhaps the Register can tell us how Apple "killed" Flash on the iPhone and iPad, given that Flash wasn't on these devices to begin with...? (and full Flash isn't on any shipping smartphone today, as far as I can tell)

    1. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


      the reg can say apple killed flash on iphone and ipad because they did! Adobe has had flash fully ported to iphone for over a year from what i've heard, they were just waiting for apple approval. Apple killed it.

      your ability to tell what is shipping is suspect. Flash lite ships on nokia s40 and s60, winmo, blackberry and android. Blackberry has full flash, android has full flash in beta. Winmo has a full flash beta, but adobe cancelled it for winmo 6.5 since ms is vaporwaring win phone 7 already.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        re: @EWI

        "from what i've heard, they were just waiting for apple approval."

        Andhere was this source? Sounds like a load of old cobblers.

        As for full flash on a mobile, Flash Mobile 10.1 was meant to ship six months ago... must be evil Apple.

    2. Daniel B.

      Do you realize?

      That most Adobe apps were frickin' *born* in the Mac? The only reason the dev cycle reversed from Mac -> windows to windows -> mac was for market share reasons.

  17. Ilgaz

    Real scandal is...

    Apple not giving access to GPU until 10.6.3. GPUs do h264 decode for a long time, at least they do wonders with mpeg2 regardless of their age...

    Adobe should have directly blamed Apple for "CPU hog" claims and should have asked them why on earth they can do the same thing on Windows XP while, it has to be Intel 10.6 for Apple... That is, instead of doing some stupid things like wasting their time for Flash on iPhone...

  18. Anonymous Coward


    Nothing like adding two and two, getting seventeen and reporting it as "yellow", eh, Cade?

  19. g e

    You don't need mensa to complete this....

    Closed is to proprietary as pot is to k____e

    Apple really are turning into a hysterically shrieking primadonna Naomi Cambell thing aren't they

    I move to refer to Steve Jobs as The Great White Naomi henceforth

    1. John Bailey

      About time

      Glad I'm not the only one that noticed it.. Perhaps there has been a leak in the RDS generators, and even Apple employees are starting to believe their own PR..

      Either way, fun to watch.

      1. Volker Hett

        Flash is proprietary

        What do you need to develop in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and what do you need to develop flash?

  20. leeeeeb

    Plus HTML5

    Whilst it's of use to Adobe, the API is also of interest to every browser vendor and supports Apples push for H264 as the default codec for HTML5. Chrome support will likely follow, but Firefox will be more interesting.

  21. Volker Hett

    Ok, that's video, and everything else?

    I'm always told how good flash is at building applications, farmville seems to be the most popular. And I know people with >2GHz dual core windows machines who gave up on FV because their computer is too slow, and let's be honest, we oldtimers have seen better than that on our C64s some 30 years ago.

  22. EWI

    @ Henry Wertz 1

    I've just Googled, and the oracle tells me that Flash for Blackberry is claimed to be arrived in "H2 2010", i.e. not at the present time. I'll reiterate that full, proper Flash doesn't seem to be on any mobile device at this moment. Call me again when that changes.

    I think that in a few years, no-one will be able to believe that there was so much brouhaha over this. No-one's getting upset at Java not being included, are they? I suspect Flash will go the same way (and good riddance frankly, on any platform).

    1. NCS


      You could say the same about OS X..., relatively not many people would even care if it disappeared off the face of the planet. In fact it would probably be better as software developers could put more time and effort into developing on better platforms without having to conform to dictatorship lock-downs that Apple enforce.

      It's a very unhealthy situation that Apple are trying to promote! Choice should be with the user, not chosen and enforced by the vendor! It's a shame really, Apple have some good ideas but as before it will come crashing down around them because of the way they try to control everything, they have not learned from their mistakes.

      1. chr0m4t1c

        Good plan

        "Choice should be with the user, not chosen and enforced by the vendor!"

        Try removing Flash from your system and then getting a full web experience.

        Not that I'm saying Flash is the only product you would have similar problems with, but for some quite popular sites there isn't an actual "choice",just "use" or "do not use".

        Don't like Apple? Buy someone else's phone/music player/computer.

        Don't like IE? Use Firefox/Chrome/Opera/whatever

        Don't like Flash? Use erm.........oh.

        It's ok if the site is something that's nice to have fluff like YouTube, but what it it's your online-only banking site?

        So yes, choice good, but don't delude yourself that we have it.

    2. Jodo Kast

      Current method

      With a EEE PC that includes a 3G modem, you can make Skype calls from anywhere.

      And you get Flash and a full PC experience. I would prefer a 5" EEE PC, but the 10" works well on the road. With a solid state drive, they boot up almost immediately.

      1. Jerome 0


        "With a EEE PC that includes a 3G modem, you can make Skype calls from anywhere."

        Either your experience of 3G coverage is very different to mine, or we have different definitions of the word "anywhere".

  23. Ramshackle

    Bit of an exaggeration

    All the people on this and the other related posts saying flash is dead, get a clue.

    Do you seriously think web designers are going to give up on flash just because it won't work on the iphone and doesn't work well on OS X? Forget Apple's shiny PR maneouvering for a minute and compare the number of other computers on the internet capable of running flash fine with the number of macs and iphones, you'll notice a bit of a difference in the numbers.

    It took years for people just to stop using tables in their HTML and for IE6 to go away (still happening), the death of flash and the adoption of HTML 5 video aren't going to happen in some spontaneous revolution once the standards are finalised.

    1. robin thakur 1

      Bit of an exaggeration?

      @Ramshackle: I'm a Flash and web developer but must confess that I have currently reduced or stopped using it, mainly because whenever I mention the gorgeous sites I've developed to people, they immediately get out their iPhones to have a look and cannot access it. This proved particularly embarassing with clients who took the line that if most people in the meeting cannot access the site on the leading mobile browser, then the site needs to change as that was somehow representative of their target audience. Frustrating to say the least...

      If this was just one or two people I wouldn't think much of it, but I can't remember the last person I talked to that didn't have an iPhone these days (including me lol) Overall, I think this is having a very big effect on Flash developers (as to how much, this depends on whether you develop whole sites or just banners or just cartoons etc.) as everybody with an iPhone/iTouch/iPad is unable to access it, and those are pretty big numbers...especially if you look at the ad space hits from such devices.

  24. Jean-Paul


    So let's get this into perspective, flash introduces hardware acceleration in version 10.1 which is not even out yet...And at the same time Apple is helping Adobe by publishing these API's...

    Funny all this talk about bad architecture etc as before this version Flash didn't use hardware acceleration on Windows either....So what was the excuse before this version for the bad performance?

  25. Stuart Duel
    Jobs Halo


    No, what will kill flash is every man and his dog installing stuff like ClicktoFlash - and not bothering to ever click on it.

    No clicking = no obtrusive advertisement taking over your screen = no hits = no money. Hopefully, eventually, the purveyors of Flash crap will get the message and give up on it.

    At 10% and rapidly rising with madly high customer satisfaction Microsoft would start a small war to have themselves, the Mac platform is here to stay.

  26. Greg J Preece

    Woah, hold the phone...

    "the Jobsian cult has added an API that allows third parties to hardware-accelerate H.264 video on the Mac"

    You mean they couldn't before?? That is so incredibly shit!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      99% of developers could hardware decode video on Mac: just not Adobe. Qucktime does much more, with about 3 lines of code - Create a quicktime movie object from a URL, attach it to a MoviePlayer view, tell it to play.

      The new API (which I've looked at) is for decoding individual H264 frames. You've now got to fetch them yourself, unpack the frame, send it to the HW (via the API), get it back (via a callback), and the draw it on the screen. LOADS more work, and only people working on a few specific apps will need it - that's not to say it's not a useful API, but most people want to create/edit/play/save video which QT does. This is for people who JUST want to DECODE it.

      It's simply Adobe not wanting to do things to fit in with the OS. Adobe are still programming for MacOS 7, because after 10 years they're only just waking up to the fact that Apple are serious about this new fangled MacOSX.

      1. Basic


        Who the hell wants to use quicktime as a format? It's awkward, doesn't play well on anything except a Mac and (let's be frank) pretty annoying

        1. James R Grinter

          Using Quicktime? Just about everyone.

          'Basic' says: "Who the hell wants to use quicktime as a format? It's awkward, doesn't play well on anything except a Mac and (let's be frank) pretty annoying"

          Well, anyone using the open standard H.264 video format, which uses a container format that looks rather like QuickTime (because it essentially is.)

          (QuickTime is a container, not a video codec.)

          Adobe Flash needs an API that supports individual hardware decode of frames, rather than pushing the entire H.264 stream through (as already supported by the QuickTime API for a long, long time) because they need to be able to compose other graphics on top: those writing the ActionScript behind many of the Flash-based video players want to be able to add DoGs, adverts, etc. on top of the video "on the fly."

    2. Joe Ragosta

      Not correct

      The statement that Adobe couldn't use hardware acceleration before is incorrect. Apple has always offered hardware acceleration via CoreVideo, but Adobe chose to use its lousy port from Windows and therefore wanted the ability to access the hardware directly (which is not allowed on Macs for security reasons).

      Let's look at the reality.

      1. Other companies doing much more hardware intensive things than Flash managed to get by with the public APIs. Why couldn't Adobe?

      2. Even other Adobe apps do far more complex things with the public APIs, why not the Flash group?

      3. Adobe always had access to hardware acceleration if they chose to use it. CoreVideo provides hardware acceleration, but Adobe wanted to write their own insecure, buggy software to bypass Apple's safeguards.

      4. The hardware API that Adobe was whining about affects only h264 video. What is Adobe's excuse on everything else? My MacBook Pro goes to 120% CPU usage simply by opening a Flash page that doesn't even have animations on it. Why is that?

      5. Adobe STILL doesn't have a full version of flash that will work on mobile devices. Even 10.1, (even if it does come out this summer as delayed), will only work on devices with 800 MHz A8 or above - which is an almost insignificant number of devices.

      6. Even this 'new, improved' Flash with hardware acceleration still sucks CPU cycles like crazy. Look at Engadget's results. On the i5 system, it actually uses MORE CPU cycles than the old version. But even the i7 result tells you something. If it's taking 50-60% CPU on a Core i7 with multi-GB of RAM and fast video card, how do you expect it to work on a 400-600 MHz mobile device with 128-256 MB of RAM?

      How anyone could blame Apple for Adobe's incompetence is beyond me.

  27. asdf

    insert usual comment

    Not an apple fanboi by any measure but Jobs is hardly reaching calling Adobes software for the last 5+ years, shite. My girlfriend rails on the UI on photoshop these days so I am pushing for her to learn the GIMP. Doing whatever it takes to secure my boxes and this always starts by removing the bloated malware portal Adobe software has become regardless of platform.

  28. regviewer
    Thumb Up

    Great article!

    I guess that explains it. It's Apple's problem - they simply didn't give Flash the necessary permissions to access the API's Flash needs to help boost performance. The minority of Mac users are the only one's encountering the CPU hog issue. The majority of users on Windows run Flash perfectly fine.

    If Apple doesn't want Flash on their iPhone or iPad even though it could run perfectly fine and stable, then it's their loss. Their users will not be happy to see Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile smartphones soon running Flash perfectly fine. Nothing but lies = Apple.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    Kill flash - flash must die for the benefit of man kind

  30. TeeCee Gold badge

    Re: kill flash

    "...what will kill flash is every man and his dog installing stuff like ClicktoFlash ....."

    Yes, that would work. However, this 'ere sense of proportion sez that actually only a percentage of tech site commentards are doing this.

    ....and even their dogs ain't bothered.

    The massive and silently deafening "meh" from the great unwashed is probably why the Great Stampede Away From Flash amongst web monkeys has a slight problem. Nobody bothered to turn up for it.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    stuff em

    If I were mr flash then I would not bother with any mac product. Stuff em. Then watch all the mac fanbois cry when the interwebz divvnt work. And what with the ban on flash on the iphone / ipad etc shouldnt this apply to java as well?....

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      It does

      apply to Java as well.

  32. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hypocritical? Mute flash audio per tab, stop button for animations, please.

    Jobs should sharpen his critcism of Flash: it is a bolt-on technology into a webpage that is not completely aware of the host page it is enbedded within nor is the host page totally aware of what the flash element is doing.

    To have such awareness would improve efficiency and user experience, where the flash content could react to what the user is doing with other regions of the page for example. (Well, please correct me Flash-developers if I'm wrong, but I think my general point about bolt-on holds).

    It is not possible to stop Flash animations that irritate (unless someone knows of a 3rd party browser plug-in).

    It is not possible to mute the sound coming from Flash content, per browser tab. Annoying if you are browsing multiple sites while listening to your favourite music only to find that an auto-start-on-loading Flash component on a page crashes over this with its own music.

    There you go, Steve, give them that.

    As for the comment "closed and proprietary" about Flash. Perhaps true, perhaps nothing wrong with that, but doesn't the iPhone platform have elements of closed-and-proprietary-ness given that every app has to be approved, apps can only be developed on Apple platforms, and that the platform is a commercial product and not an open-source one.

    Haven't got an issue with closed/proprietary; business is business. But when one company calls another that, when both are then that's simply hypocritical.

  33. Zolkó Silver badge

    use FlashBlock

    The first thing I install on Firefox is "FlashBlock" that, well, blocks all Flash in Webpages. No nasty ads, everything cool. When I *do* need flash (for a menu, video, game or whatever) I click on that *particular* flash and have it all well.

    So what's the big problem with flash ? Once a friend wanted to post a video on his webpage, and with Flash we could do that in 10 minutes.

  34. Dru Richman

    When was that, again?

    "A company spokesman says that Mac hardware acceleration will arrive with an incarnation of the Flash Player due "shortly after" version 10.1, which is now on its second release candidate."

    Just a brief reminder here - There is currently NO reliable Flash application for ANY mobile phone currently on the market. [read again]

    Adobe has be promising for over 10 years to get Flash working correctly on the Mac. We're still waiting. Flash 10.x is still vaporware. Flash for mobile phones is still a long ways off...even with Google's Android help.

  35. Dru Richman

    Just walk way...

    My compliments to the hundreds of thousands of developers who are currently creating software for the iPod, iPhone, and the iPad without ever using Flash. With over 4 billion downloads of your products, it seams that the buying public is voicing their opinion about the need for Flash in a mobile environment.

    And my compliments to the hundreds of thousands of developers who are currently creating software in the Flash environment and are, it seems, more than willing to forgo a market of 100 million users instead of rising to the call of learning how to properly develop an application for Apple's products. My friends, you have stones of steel and more power to you.

    I know I would have a difficult time walking away from that size of a market (and one that is growing every quarter). But these diehard individualists, these buggy whip manufacturers in a time of automobile supremacy, these Greyhound Bus travelers in a time of wide-bodies super jet, in a time of Manchester United they stand for Birmingham, these mavericks are toeing the line and sticking to their principles of holding the flame of antiquity and proclaiming loudly, "WE WILL NOT CHANGE. THEY REST OF YOU CAN SOD OFF!"

  36. Mike A

    Anti flash stance will prove to be a mistake for Apple

    Let's remember that Steve Jobs' main goal is to make money for Apple and his holier than thou attitude with regard to open standards is a joke.

    It's amazing how many people equate Flash with annoying banners or advertisements. So tell me something, when amazing new HTML 5 comes along (whenever that happens - years before most people are using a browser that fully supports it), are you telling me that HTML5 won't be used to create the same annoying banners - or will HTML 5 developers be far more restrained with this stuff?

    It's seems obvious to me that Android will be by far the most popular smartphone OS in a couple of years and will also rule the waves on tablets. Steve Jobs realises he's made a mistake with the whole anti flash stance and is now deparately trying to trash it before every other smartphone supports it over the next few months.

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