back to article HTC sets timeframe for Hero Android update

HTC's anticipated update that will take its Hero smartphone to Android 2.1 will now not appear until June. Originally expected in February this year, the upgrade was subsequently put back a month. It didn't show up in March. But this week, HTC released a statement saying that it will provide the update for 2.1 - aka 'Éclair …


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  1. James Dunmore

    news on the magic update?

    Any news on the 2.0 update for htc magic (voda branded?)

    1. Scott 26

      same here

      (except my magic is VodaNZ branded, so I'll have to wait even longer)

  2. gav_taylor

    very disapointed...

    Im not holding my breath for a June update either...

    we've had no public conformation from HTC about a release date since that tweet last year promising we would get an android 2.x update in the new year,

    I think this is just HTC's way of trying to get us all to buy the desire or the legend instead. Wouldn't surprise me if in July at the "Hero is 1 year old" party they turn round and say sorry we don't release major updates to legacy phones....

    not the best way to look after loyal customers that help HTC win all those awards for the hero!

    (Joke Alert because HTC's management of this whole thing has been a joke...)

  3. cdtplug

    adios htc

    HTC have upset a lot of people by moving the release dates and are clearly hoping people willl move to the legend of desire, this will have the opposite afect and push people towards nokia,apple or sony erricson.numpties

  4. cs94njw

    Hero? What about the Desire?

    The InterWeb is seeing some strange 3G problems with HTC Desires.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    This is beginning...

    ... to smell like DNF.

  6. Christopher Rogers

    They can get stuffed...

    HTC have talked about this update for a while now and with the Hero being on 1.5 and thus missing out on all the fun stuff only available to 1.6 and above, i decided to jump ship from legit to rooted.

    VillainRom removes much of the crap i don't need and frankly my phone has never ran more smoothly.

    Some things are lacking - i have removed live wallpapers and some animations, but they are small fry.

    1. gav_taylor

      XDA, here I come....

      I think I may be following you soon... have been putting it off as I wanted to wait for the official update before flashing a custom rom but looks like it isn't gonna turn up any time soon...

  7. ironical tomsk

    Another let down...

    Can't say I'm surprised. HTC continues to let us down.

    Seriously considering going down the root route now.

  8. Anonymous Coward


    I got bored of waiting and installed 2.1 yesterday. Once you know what you're doing, it's fairly simple, but not for the faint hearted. If you can't afford to replace a bricked phone, I'd suggest waiting another two months (at least!)

    2.1 seems slightly quicker on the Hero, has Google Nav (the main selling point), voice activated dialing and a few extra goodies. Someone has compiled a rom with HTC's SenseUI (have a look over at androidforums) which works well!

  9. Daniel Owen

    Hmm what are they waiting for..

    I thought maybe google nav (non beta), but as it's a global release and it's only the UK that just received google nav, then doubt it's that.

    Currently using villain rom that's based on the HTC sprint port, and it's very quick and easily the best rom I have used so far, I bet most people would be happy if they released this!

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